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Workplace Environment

When you mention the Federal Reserve System most people think of money. That's because, as the central bank of the United States, we deal with money in all its many forms, but we're much more than that.

We're People

People who work together to achieve the goals of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, the Ninth Federal Reserve District. (The Ninth District is comprised of Montana, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, northwestern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.) Together with eleven other districts throughout the country, our fundamental mission is to foster the stability, integrity, and efficiency of the nation’s monetary, financial and payment systems to promote optimal economic performance.

Ninth District employees meeting

In pursuing this mission, the Federal Reserve promotes the public interest, adheres to the highest standards of integrity, pursues excellence, manages operations efficiently and effectively, and values independent viewpoints.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis is committed to maintaining an environment where employees can work effectively with and value others for their differences.

What We Value

The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis is committed to providing a work environment where diversity is embraced and all employees are respected and valued. We believe that by recognizing, respecting and valuing the uniqueness of our workforce and providing development opportunities for all, we can effectively apply all of our talents, skills and experiences to achieve the goals of the organization.

Ninth District Core Values

Honesty—We are truthful and comply with our high ethical standards.

Respect—We conduct ourselves with fairness, tolerance, and sensitivity to differences in attitudes and attributes.

Initiative—We strive to excel in all aspects of our work and pursue new opportunities that advance our mission.

Accountability—We are responsible for our performance, relationships, and behavior.

Our Core Competencies

As an organization, we are looking for people with certain core competencies, a willingness to develop new skills and knowledge, and a commitment to life-long learning. Competencies act as a compass, directing our path to training, development, and the performance feedback process. Our core competencies include:

Ninth District employee
  • Communication
  • Thinking and judgment
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Bank and job knowledge
  • Leadership
  • Organization and planning
  • Performance management and
  • Professionalism

The Bank coordinates various events for employees including an annual picnic, holiday luncheon, employee development month, wellness activities, Take Your Child To Work Day, and programming in support of diversity awareness and education.

Every aspect of our operation is conducted in a manner that maintains the public's confidence and trust in the Federal Reserve System. To that end, you will be expected to perform your job with:

  • Unquestioned integrity,
  • Adherence to custody controls and other applicable standards,
  • Dedication to quality, accuracy and rigorous analysis,
  • Intellectual commitment,
  • Efficient and appropriate use of resources,
  • A focus on work that adds value, not activity, and
  • A desire to improve processes products and services through creative and innovative approaches.

Fed employees perform a variety of tasks in support of the services we offer to financial institutions, including distribution of coin and currency and electronic funds transfers.

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Narayana Kocherlakota

Did You Know…
  • CNNMoney named “Bank Examiner” as one of the Top 20 Best Jobs in America.
  • Each year, Minneapolis Fed employees donate thousands of hours to community involvement activities.
  • In 2004, the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis’s president Gary Stern and senior vice president Ron Feldman wrote a book called “Too Big to Fail: The Hazards of Bank Bailouts” which predicted the possibility of a nation-wide financial crisis.