Official Staff

Mark A. Rauzi Vice President 612-204-5184
Diann G. Townsend Vice President 612-204-6130
Jacquelyn K. Brunmeier Assistant Vice President 612-204-5061
Frederick L. Miller Assistant Vice President 612-204-5717
Kinney G. Misterek Assistant Vice President 612-204-5059
Robert Sauvé Assistant Vice President 612-204-5141
Matthew Diette Assistant Vice President 612-204-5152

Management Staff

Gregory C. Aase 612-204-5113
Kristine L. Cameron 406-447-3844
Peggy Challou 612-204-5187
Julie A. Cochlin 612-204-5139
Jerome F. Combs 612-204-3843
Steven Cosgrove 612-204-5115
Steven J. Enfield 612-204-5118
Daniel R. Hanger 612-204-5066
Marlin J. Hennen 612-204-5124
Philip J. Petersen 612-204-5185
Christian B. Riba 612-204-5122
Ronald F. Rusho 612-204-5601
Sandy L. Schumacher 406-447-3845
Susan E.M. Carter 612-204-5897
Aaron D. Zabler 612-204-5108

Large Complex Banking Organization Supervision

Brendan S. Murrin, CPC U.S. Bancorp 612-204-5136
Mark A. Nagle, Deputy CPC   612-204-6680
Julie L. Pavek-Olson, Deputy CPC   612-204-5595

Consumer Compliance

Official Staff

Karin M. Bearss Assistant Vice President 612-204-5091

Management Staff

Moira R. Majerle 612-204-5080
Dorothy M. Rich 612-204-5126
Joseph F. Schneberger 612-204-5082

Credit, Payment System Risk, Reserves, and Statistics and Structural Reporting

Official Staff

Jean C. Garrick Vice President 612-204-5862
Bradley Beytien Assistant Vice President 612-204-6657



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Federal Reserve Financial Services

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