community reinvestment act

Overview of the Community Reinvestment Act (“CRA”)
Summary of CRA's requirements.

CRA Bank Ratings, Approved Strategic Plans, and Quarterly Exam Schedules
Information on bank CRA ratings, strategic plans, and exam schedules. (Federal Reserve Board)

A Guide to CRA Data Collection and Reporting
Guidance on how institutions should collect and report data as required by CRA. (FFIEC)

A Banker's Quick Reference Guide to the CRA [PDF]
CRA reference guide prepared by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

CRA Examinations
Information regarding regulatory agencies' CRA exam schedules and access to the CRA examination procedures and to instructions for preparing CRA evaluations. (FFIEC)

CRA Loan Data Collection Grid [PDF]
Reference guide for reporting CRA loan data and for helping identify community development loans. Prepared by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

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