We encourage you to contact us if you have questions about any of the reports that your organization submits to us. Please contact the analyst assigned to your organization or the general number/e-mail address below.

Statistical & Structure Reporting 612-204-6445 or
Administrative Support   612-204-6444
Linda A. Anderson 612-204-6404
Greg P. Bandsma 612-204-5871
Connie M. Beall 612-204-5881
Angie D. Donnay 612-204-5045
Stacy M. Jolly 612-204-5875
Paul E. Ljung 612-204-5880
Jackie L. Lutter 612-204-5886
John P. Rockwell 612-204-5210
Michelle M. Weatherson 612-204-5887


Our fax numbers are 612-204-5905, 612-204-5114, and 612-204-5884.

Our mailing address is: Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
Division of Supervision, Regulation, and Credit
Statistical & Structure Reporting
PO Box 291
Minneapolis, MN 55480-0291
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