To help people and organizations find the information they need, Community Development maintains a listing of community development resources for the Ninth District and beyond. The listing includes links to other Community Development Offices across the Federal Reserve System, national and other community development organizations, federal and state agencies, foundations, and research and policy centers.

Board of Governors
This site provides information on banking regulations, monetary policy and community development resources. It also includes a publications catalog that offers a variety of brochures on personal finance, mortgages and other topics. Many of the resources are available in both English and Spanish.

CEDRIC, via the Chicago Fed
CEDRIC's principal mission is to foster research related to consumer and economic development issues. As a centralized research and information center, CEDRIC provides access to abstracts and full text articles, reports and publications by Federal Reserve researchers and analysts, as well as academicians, government agencies and non-profit organizations. CEDRIC also posts relevant upcoming workshops, forums, conferences and seminars and links to its many partners to further expand the scope of research sources.

Community Development at Other Feds
A listing of Community Development sites from other Federal Reserve Banks and the Board of Governors.

Community and Economic Development

Foreclosure Resources


Indian Country

Agencies and Regulators

Partners Software Online, via the Atlanta Fed
Partners software is designed to serve as a learning tool and development aid for bankers, community groups, government agencies and other community development practitioners interested in providing home purchase loans to low- and moderate-income persons. The program determines whether a potential homebuyer can qualify for a home purchase loan given the underwriting criteria and financial information provided. The software illustrates how personal financial factors and loan underwriting techniques impact home purchase loan applications, and offers solutions to overcome barriers for applicants who may not qualify for conventional home purchase loans. In addition to determining loan eligibility, Partners also contains loan amortization schedules, equity build-up calculations and secondary market considerations.

Reference Material, via the San Francisco Fed

Rural Communities

Secondary Markets for Economic and Community Development Loans

Small Business Administration (SBA)
Helps small businesses get started, stay in business and grow.

State and National Banking Associations

Technology Issues

U.S. Census Bureau


Narayana Kocherlakota

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