2000 Economics Challenge Play-off

Maximum number of points:

  • 1,800 team
  • 450 individual

Winning Teams

Advanced Placement Division

  • First Place - 1,496 points
    Edina High School, Edina, Minn.
  • Second Place - 1,416 points
    Brainerd High School, Brainerd, Minn.
  • Third Place - 1,274 points
    Grand Rapids High School, Grand Rapids, Minn.

Large School Division

  • First Place - 1,406 points
    White Bear Lake High School, White Bear Lake, Minn.
  • Second Place - 1,298
    Red River High School, Grand Forks, N.D.
  • Third Place - 994 points
    Hibbing High School, Hibbing, Minn.

Small School Division

  • First Place—938 points
    Maple Valley Public High School, Tower City, N.D.
  • Second Place—938 points
    Pequot Lakes Public High School, Pequot Lakes, Minn.
  • Third Place—876 points
    Proctor Public High School, Proctor, Minn.

The remaining teams in order of finish:

  • Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial High School, Lake Crystal, Minn. - 846 points
  • Joliet Public High School, Joliet, Mont. - 808 points

Individual Winners

Advanced Placement Division

  • First Place: Lara Sherman, Edina High School - 422 points
  • Second Place: Mark Thatcher, Edina High School - 422 points
  • Third Place: Adam Miller, Brainerd Public High School - 408 points

Large School Division

  • First Place: Steve Heitzman, White Bear Lake Public High School- 398
  • Second Place: Joshua Allen, White Bear Lake Public High School - 374
  • Third Place: Eric Jorgensen, White Bear Lake Public High School - 366

Small School Division

  • First Place: Rebecca Claus, Maple Valley Public High School - 368
  • Second Place: David Caven, Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial High School - 308
  • Third Place: Rob Martin, Proctor Public High School - 286

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