2001 Student Congress on Economic Issues

2001 Results

Participating high schools:
Edison, North, Henry, Roosevelt, South, Southwest and Washburn


(winning team from each topic):

Topic One
Team Three: Washburn, North and Edison

Topic Two
Team Two: Edison and Southwest

Topic Three
Team One: Southwest, North and Roosevelt

Topic One

It is time for a spring break vacation. A decision must be made about which country you would like to visit. Since you are not wealthy you must make your choice based on the following economic criteria: A) exchange rate and B) purchasing power parity (how much goods/services cost in that country compared to the United States). You will need to find the cost of such things as meals, hotel rooms, transportation, and souvenirs

TEAM ONE: You must choose between visiting MEXICO and BRAZIL.

TEAM TWO: You must choose between visiting FRANCE and PORTUGAL. Southwest/Henry

TEAM THREE: You must choose between visiting THAILAND and MALAYSIA. Washburn/North/Edison

Bonus points will be awarded to any group that can explain where they would choose to exchange dollars for the local currency needed for their trip (U.S. bank, airport, foreign country, credit card, etc.)

Topic Two

Currently the United States does not have official trade relations with Cuba. Three different approaches to our policy are listed below. Each team will be asked to defend their position as being the best one for our country to take.

TEAM ONE: There should be NO trade with Cuba.

TEAM TWO: There should be completely open trade with Cuba.

TEAM THREE: Maintain the current policy and allow trade only with respect to food and medical supplies.

Topic Three

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has been controversial from its very beginning. Below you will find three different people who would have opinions about NAFTA. Each group will be asked to argue in favor or against this trade agreement from the point of view of the person listed.

TEAM ONE: You are an American automobile union leader.

TEAM TWO: You are an environmentalist/social activist.

TEAM THREE: You are a Mexican business leader who expects to sell products to the United States. Edison/South

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