2002 Student Congress on Economic Issues

2002 Results

Participating high schools:
Edison, North, Henry, Roosevelt, South, Southwest and Washburn.

2002 Results

(winning team from each topic):

Topic One
Team One: North, Henry and South

Topic Two
Team Two: Southwest and Henry

Topic Three
Team Three: Edison and South

Topic One

What should Jamal do? Jamal has decided to go to a four-year college after high school. Unfortunately, the school he wants to attend is expensive. After scholarships, grant money, help from his parents and money he has saved, Jamal still will need $4,000.00 per year to finance his education. The best thing for Jamal to do is:

TEAM ONE: Go to school taking out a loan. The $16,000.00 he will need can be paid back after he graduates. The interest rate is 5.9% and he will have 10 years to repay. His monthly payment will be $177.00. North/Henry/South

TEAM TWO: Work for two years at a full-time job. He can save $8,000.00 per year living at home with his parents and then he could attend college without taking out a loan. Edison/Southwest

TEAM THREE: Work part-time while going to school part-time. Jamal figures he could graduate in seven years by using this method.

Note: Be sure to think about the opportunity costs that apply as you argue for your position or against another position.

Topic Two

What role should government play in the housing market?

TEAM ONE: Government should increase the supply of affordable housing by building more housing or giving incentives to others to build housing. Team: South/Roosevelt

TEAM TWO: Government should give direct aid, like rent certificates, to people who cannot afford housing. Southwest/Henry

TEAM THREE: Government should not be involved in the housing market. It should focus on ways of raising income levels such as promoting economic growth or raising the minimum wage so that people can afford housing. Washburn/North/Edison

Topic Three

You are interested in reducing crime in your community. You have been given one million dollars to spend on crime prevention. How should you spend the money to give you the most benefit from your money?

TEAM ONE: Give the money to the government to hire police officers and build more prisons. Southwest/North/Roosevelt

TEAM TWO: Use the money to increase community crime prevention programs like Neighborhood Watch, McGruff Houses, etc.

TEAM THREE: Invest in social programs involving children. Programs like DARE and Head Start, or programs that offer nutrition or after school activities. Edison/South

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