Teacher's Guide for Money Unit

This teacher's guide is designed to lead your class through further study of economic topics. Web links are provided for further reading, and journal articles are cited on subjects difficult to find on the Web.

Discussion Questions

  • Why is preventing counterfeit money important?

  • What other counterfeiting measures would you include in the new currency and why?

  • What effect will the "Electronic Age" have on money, especially currency?
    1. Credit cards
    2. Debit cards
    3. Smart cards—an "electronic purse" which holds money that can be subtracted at stores and vending machines
    4. Telephone banking
    5. Computer banking

  • Businesses and consumers are beginning to realize the cost and inconvenience of handling money. Some banks are even charging for teller services. What effect will this have on how we buy and sell goods and services?

  • What effect will globalization have on the dollar and other countries' currencies?
    1. A common currency for the European Community?
    2. Could this lead to a North American currency? A world currency?

Supplemental Readings




  • "The (Funny) Money Supply." Business Week, May 23, 1994, p.109.
  • "Plastic is Beautiful." The Economist, Dec. 25, 1993, p.101.

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