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The Minneapolis Federal Reserve is offering a set of teaching resources for high school economics based on economics standards and the expertise of local educators. Articles from the fedgazette, The Region, and the Community Dividend that address topics relevant to EconomicsAmerica's 20 national standards for economics education are collected in the categories below. Accompanying each article is a class supplement with information that will support one or more of the national standards.

  1. Scarcity
  2. Marginal Cost/Benefit
  3. Allocation of Goods and Services
  4. Role of Incentives
  5. Gain from Trade
  6. Specialization and Trade
  7. Markets - Price and Quantity Determination
  8. Role of Price in Market System
  9. Role of Competition
  10. *Role of Economic Institutions
  1. *Role of Money
  2. *Role of Interest Rates
  3. Role of Resources in Determining Income
  4. Profit and the Entrepreneur
  5. Growth
  6. *Role of Government
  7. *Using Cost/Benefit Analysis to Evaluate Government Programs
  8. *Macroeconomy-Income/Employment, Prices
  9. *Unemployment and Inflation
  10. *Monetary and Fiscal Policy

*New material available for this standard.

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