Supply, Demand and Deadlines

A Workshop on Economics for Journalists

The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and the Minnesota Journalism Center of the University of Minnesota have partnered to form "Supply, Demand and Deadlines: A Workshop on Economics for Journalists."

Begun in 2000, the Workshop is held annually on the campus of the University of Minnesota for about 30 journalists from across the country. The mission of "Supply, Demand and Deadlines" is to instruct participants in how to better cover economic issues. To this end, the workshop includes extensive opportunities for journalists to work through sample stories and case studies, and to experience critiques of journalistic work. Participating journalists represent all types of media and work on beats ranging from business to sports to government.
Instructors include top university professors and key policymakers.

For more information, please visit the "Supply, Demand and Deadlines" Web site at the Minnesota Journalism Center.

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