A community development periodical for
the Ninth Federal Reserve District

October 1998

Community Affairs Officer's note - Fall 1998

Community Affairs Officer's note - Fall 1998 More >

Straw bale construction provides affordable, efficient housing

Housing developers are experimenting with a variety of alternative building methods, including straw bale construction More >

Labor lessons learned in straw bale projects

Straw bale projects provide training and construction experience to local, unskilled workers interested in the construction trades. More >

Partnerships are the key to obtaining financing for building projects

Straw bale construction projects in Minnesota and Montana obtained financing through partnerships with local banks and other community organizations. More >

Alice Rivlin gets a first-hand look at two Twin Cities neighborhoods

Federal Reserve Governor Alice Rivlin visited two south Minneapolis communities on September 25. More >

Explaining the shortage of affordable housing

Community Dividend explores why affordable housing shortages persist in so many communities. More >

How much do you know about the Minneapolis Fed?

A short quiz about the operations of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. More >


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