A community development periodical for
the Ninth Federal Reserve District

July 1998

Community Affairs Officer's note - Summer 1998

Community Affairs Officer's note - Summer 1998 More >

U.S. banks offered historic opportunity in Indian Country

To serve the emerging Indian-owned private enterprise market, bankers should understand the structure of the economies of tribal communities and the size of the potential market. More >

We, the First Americans shows statistics regarding indigenous U.S. citizens

Census statistics offer a picture of how economic life for American Indians on reservations compares with that of the rest of the U.S. population. More >

Tribal sovereign immunity: An obstacle for non-Indians doing business in Indian Country?

What is sovereign immunity, and what does it mean in the tribal context? More >

Model code addresses economic development in Indian Country

A model commercial code for Indian tribes is designed to encourage the business and lending communities to invest in Indian Country and foster economic development. More >

Federal Reserve Governor Meyer visits Ninth District Indian reservations

An interview with Federal Reserve Governor Laurence H. Meyer, who visited two Minnesota Indian reservations in May 1998. More >

Follow up on HUD 184 program article

An update on the HUD 184 residential mortgage loan program for Indian Country. More >


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