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September 2003

Interview with Allan H. Meltzer

The author of A History of the Federal Reserve and architect of the SOMC shares his thoughts on everything from failures of the Fed to international monetary reform.

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Gary Stern, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, agrees that the probability of deflation is low but questions the notion that deflation would necessarily have severe consequences.


  • Price Signals
    Economist Pete Klenow analyzes price differences—over time, among products and across countries—to shed light on some of economics' most contentious issues.
  • What's sticky, what's not and why?
  • Mining for Missing Links
    By examining the iron ore industry, a Minneapolis Fed economist confirms that productivity gains are the direct result of increased competition. [PDF]
  • Remembering Frederick Deming
    Frederick Deming, former president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis died August 2003.

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