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April 2012

Twin Cities organization expands role of land banks

Through its acquisition, community lending, and land-banking programs, Twin Cities Community Land Bank is contributing to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area's foreclosure recovery efforts. More >

Mini-banks provide hands-on education in personal finance

School-based, student-oriented banking operations teach kids the fundamentals of saving. More >

Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act guarantees renters a baseline of legal rights

A recently enacted federal law sets a minimum amount of time for renters to continue residing in foreclosed homes. More >

Exploring Innovations essay contest winner: Restructuring the New Markets Tax Credit Program: Three proposed changes for increasing efficiency

A Ninth District student's winning entry in the 2011 Exploring Innovations conference essay contest, which asked, "Is the New Markets Tax Credit Program the most effective way to subsidize the creation of equity in low-income community businesses?" More >


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