Banking and Policy Issues Magazine

December 2012

Interview with Elhanan Helpman

Harvard economist on theories of trade and growth, and how institutions affect economic performance

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Ninth District Notes



  • The “Banks” We Do Need
    Services once said to justify traditionally structured banks are now available through more efficient, less risky financial vehicles [PDF]

Research Digest

  • “A Promising Parable”
    Cristina Arellano, Patrick Kehoe and Yan Bai develop a model that convincingly generates macro patterns of the Great Recession [PDF]
  • Tragedy of the commons
    Measuring the unintended consequences of infrastructure projects in developing countries [PDF]
  • Who lives longer?
    Education appears to be a far more powerful factor than wealth or marital status [PDF]

Virtual Fed



Narayana Kocherlakota

Early Childhood Research at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis