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the Ninth Federal Reserve District

July 2014

Maximizing the tribal land buy-back program: How priority lists can help tribes influence what's purchased

By identifying desirable parcels for development, American Indian tribes can make the most of a federal program that's putting reservation land back in tribal hands.

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Helping small businesses survive big construction: Strategies from the Green Line LRT project

When major construction tore up a busy Twin Cities thoroughfare, a public-private partnership mobilized to help small businesses weather the disruptions. More >

State incentive fund helps ease North Dakota's affordable housing shortage

The North Dakota Housing Incentive Fund, a tax-incentive program to fund housing for essential workers and low- to moderate-income people, is a hit with contributors and developers alike. More >

Northside Achievement Zone aims to break the poverty cycle through education

A collaborative effort among schools, neighborhood groups, and service organizations is working to boost academic performance and family stability in North Minneapolis. More >


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