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July 2007

Community land trusts strive for permanent housing affordability

Community Land Trusts (CLTs) appear to have the potential to make homes permanently affordable. Here, we explore the workings of CLTs and examine some of the challenges to this innovative form of homeownership. More >

A conversation with Jeff Washburne -- Director, City of Lakes Community Land Trust

Community Dividend speaks with Jeff Washburne, director of the City of Lakes Community Land Trust, to learn more about the organization's work and the challenges community land trusts face. More >

If most Americans already save enough, what should financial educators teach?

The findings of two recent studies underscore the need not only for new forms of retireee-oriented financial education, but also for sound financial education at all ages. More >

A new economic era for Native communities

In remarks delivered at the 2007 South Dakota Indian Business Conference, Elsie Meeks encourages American Indians to look to the future and recognize that they cannot build sovereign, independent nations unless they have economically sovereign people. More >


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