Regional Business and Economics Newspaper

July 2001

Nurturing the light bulb economy

The new-found profile of entrepreneurs and venture capital has states eager to get more of both.

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Venture Capital and Entrepreneurs

  • Fairy tales and venture capital
    The rise of venture capital has given district states “green” envy, fretting that its absence will affect regional and state economies
  • The entrepreneurial stool
    Capital is important to entrepreneurs, but other legs are important and often ignored

Ninth District Features

  • Knee deep in feedlot feuds
    As the livestock industry consolidates and animal farms get bigger, their neighbors worry about the consequences
  • Cleaning up
    Possible solutions for lessening the impact of animal waste—scientific, technological and economic—are discussed
  • Digging for dollars
    Ninth District dinosaurs still have an (economic) impact.
  • Considering the alternatives
    Rapidly rising energy costs and shrinking supplies are sparking creativity and generating new power sources

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President's Speech: Clarifying the Objectives of Monetary Policy

Early Childhood Research at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis