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the Ninth Federal Reserve District

November 2002

Community Affairs Manager's note - Issue 2, 2002

Community Affairs Manager's note - Issue 2, 2002 More >

Financial literacy education: A potential tool for reducing predatory lending?

A review of recent studies supports cautious optimism that increased financial literacy can help consumers avoid predatory lenders. More >

Property flipping in the Twin Cities

In the late 1990s, a widespread mortgage scam targeted at low-income neighborhoods was uncovered in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. More >

Federal Reserve Governor Bies tours St. Paul neighborhoods

Federal Reserve Governor Susan Schmidt Bies began her first official visit to the Ninth District with a community development tour of two inner-city neighborhoods in St. Paul. More >

A conversation with ... Claudia Parliament and Dick Todd

Community Dividend discusses financial literacy with Claudia Parliament, professor of applied economics at the University of Minnesota and director of the Minnesota Council on Economic Education, and Richard M. Todd, Community Affairs Officer and vice president of risk management at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. More >


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