Community Dividend

Community Affairs releases mortgage broker regulation report

Published January 1, 2008  |  January 2008 issue

The Community Affairs office of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis has released a report that catalogs the changes in mortgage broker regulations in all 50 states and the District of Columbia over the previous decade. The report, titled A Compilation of State Mortgage Broker Laws and Regulations, 1996–2006, includes detailed, state-by-state descriptions of mortgage broker laws and regulations; information on the report's data sources; an overview of occupational licensing; and a glossary of terms. Extensive supplementary materials display the report's data in a tabular format, enabling readers to review and compare state mortgage broker licensing schemes at a glance. To access the report and its supplements, visit Community Development - Publications and Papers.

For related discussions, see:

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  • Mortgage Broker Regulations That Matter: Analyzing Earnings, Employment, and Outcomes for Consumers, a forthcoming National Bureau of Economic Research working paper by University of Minnesota Professor Morris M. Kleiner and Minneapolis Fed Vice President Richard M. Todd. Available soon at



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