Early Childhood Development—Media Citations

Early ed pilots off to encouraging start
Scholarship approach appeals to parents, providers,
Minneapolis Star Tribune, August 10, 2008

Saving the Future, Twin Cities Business, January 2008
Business leaders are lining up to support a plan that promises a bigger, brighter work force by focusing on early childhood development, particularly for at-risk youngsters.

Minnesota Plan Gives Scholarships for Child Care,
National Public Radio (NPR), October 26, 2007

A Hot Tip from the Icy Plains, The Boston Globe, September 8, 2007.
Economist Arthur Rolnick has a tip for states: Forget spending public money on sports stadiums or incentives to attract companies. “I can get you a better return,” he said. But states don't have to take Rolnick's word. They can judge by watching a preschool experiment being run by Rolnick and the Minnesota Early Learning Foundation.

Preschool Gets High Marks in Poverty Fight,
Universal preschool has taken off as politicians look for relatively inexpensive ways to tackle the growing rich-poor gap in the U.S.
Wall Street Journal, August 9, 2007

Boosting Economy from Infancy, St. Paul Pioneer Press,
March 25, 2007

A Push For Early Learning, Minneapolis StarTribune, February 7, 2007 Proponents for spending millions to prepare tens of thousands of Minnesota children for school are bringing muscle and momentum to the 2007 Legislature, but competition for funding is fierce.

The Level and Distribution of Economic Well-Being, speech by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, February 6, 2007.
“Although education and the acquisition of skills is a lifelong process, starting early in life is crucial. Recent research—some sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis in collaboration with the
University of Minnesota—has documented the high returns that early childhood programs can pay in terms of subsequent educational attainment and in lower rates of social problems, such as teenage pregnancy and welfare dependency.”

Parenting is the pivotal factor, The Herald, Glasgow, Scotland
A report published today reveals early development in children is vital and the benefits are lifelong. So why is it still marginalised and underfunded? January 23, 2007.

Going Beyond Head Start, BusinessWeek Online, October 23, 2006

The Dollars and Cents of Investing Early: Cost-Benefit Analysis in Early Care and Education, Zero to Three, July 2006

Try scholarships for early childhood ed: Art Rolnick's idea is ready for a large-scale test, Minneapolis StarTribune, July 26, 2006

Early Childhood Education: Do Enthusiasts Exaggerate What It Can Do?
Ron Haskins and Art Rolnick Discussion, American Experiment Forum, July 2006 [PDF]

The Best Investment We Can Make, Art Rolnick Interview,
Children of the Code

Catch 'em Young, The Wall Street Journal, January 10, 2006

Of Human Capital, Minnesota Monthly, January 2006
The Minneapolis Fed’s Art Rolnick believes investing in kids pays off. In fact, he’s done the math.

Invest in early education, reap economic rewards, The Arizona Republic, April 10, 2005 [Op-ed by Rob Grunewald and Art Rolnick]

Early help builds future workers, Minneapolis StarTribune, July 19, 2004

Child's work, St. Paul Pioneer Press, June 27, 2004

Legislature could learn from advice on readying kids for school, Minneapolis StarTribune, June 20, 2004

What Minnesota really needs, Art Rolnick and Rob Grunewald,
St. Paul Pioneer Press, June 17, 2004

Execs hone focus on school readiness, Minneapolis StarTribune,
April 21, 2004

Blandin Foundation begins ‘Invest Early Childhood’ initiative,
Grand Rapids Herald-Review, March 31,2004

Schools: Give all kids a head start, Sacramento Bee, March 14, 2004

Editorial: Vouchers won't save kids after a bad start,
Minneapolis StarTribune, January 10, 2004

Editorial: Mitchell B. Pearlstein: Best 'investment' is school choice,
Minneapolis StarTribune, January 4, 2004

Editorial: A solid start/Expand state's commitment,
Minneapolis StarTribune, December 16, 2003

Editorial: Good for business/A call for leadership on pre-K,
Minneapolis StarTribune, December 15, 2003

Grunewald and Rolnick: Ready to learn, Minneapolis StarTribune, December 14, 2003

'Invest in kids' taken literally, St. Paul Pioneer Press, October 24, 2003

Preschool called good for kids and economy, Minneapolis Star Tribune, October 15, 2003


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