Employment by catalog and mail-order businesses, 1996

Minnesota employed 13,772 in catalog and mail-order businesses, more than any other state in 1996. Nearly half worked in Hennepin County, which was the nation's second largest county for catalog and mail-order employees.

Ten Largest U.S. Counties

Franklin, Ohio 6,271
Hennepin, Minnesota 6,027
Plymouth, Massachusetts 3,869
Marion, Indiana 3,627
Nassau, New York 3,544
Los Angeles, California 3,312
Cook, Illinois 3,111
Pinellas, Florida 3,102
Chester, Pennsylvania 3,087
Dallas, Texas 2,875

Ninth District States

State Number
of Businesses
Minnesota 13,772 236
Montana 165 32
North Dakota N.A. 16
South Dakota 656 30
Wisconsin 6,072 197
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