Ninth District High-Technology Employment, 1997

The American Economics Association (AEA) uses 45 Standard Industrial Classification codes to define the high-technology industry. They fall in to three broad categories—high-tech manufacturing, communication services, and software and computer-related services.

For more information, visit the AEA Web site at http://www.aeanet.org/.

The average salary of a high- technology job in the district is $45,365, about 60 percent higher than the average salary of all private jobs.

State Number of
High-Tech Jobs
Percent of
Total Nonfarm Jobs
Percent Change
1990 - 1997
State Ranking
in High-Tech
High-Tech Industry Segment
Minnesota 123,866 5.0 18.0 13th Computers and Office Equipment Manufacturing
Montana 4,068 1.1 32.0 49th Communications Services
North Dakota 5,298 1.7 9.1 48th Communications Services
South Dakota 14,538 4.1 172.0 38th Computers and Office Equipment Manufacturing

Source: American Electronics Association

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