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Neil Wallace



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Recent Work/Updates

An Attractive Monetary Model with Surprising Implications for Optima: Two Examples

March 2014 - Quarterly Review 3611

Knowledge of Individual Histories and Optimal Payment Arrangements

July 2000 - Quarterly Review 2432

Optimal Monetary Impulse-Response Functions in a Matching Model

September 1999 - Working Paper 595

A Dictum for Monetary Theory

December 1998 - Quarterly Review 2212

The Role of Damage-Contingent Contracts in Allocating the Risks of Natural Catastrophes

April 1998 - Working Paper 586

Absence-of-Double-Coincidence Models of Money: A Progress Report

December 1997 - Quarterly Review 2111

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Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
90 Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55401
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