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Richard M. Todd

Vice President, Community Development

Rise in smartphones puts more financial tools in the hands of the unbanked

July 2013 - Community Dividend

Legal settlements in Indian Country prompt revival of Native Financial Education Coalition

April 2013 - Community Dividend

Research review: Child development findings support and inform personal financial education from an early age

January 2012 - Community Dividend

Early, Broadly, and Through Young Adulthood: A Child Development Perspective on Youth Personal Financial Education

September 2011 - Community Development Papers

A Clarification of Certain Statistics Reported in "A Method for Improving the Benchmarks Used to Monitor ACH Returns"

August 2011 - Financial Policy Working Papers

Foreclosures on Non-Owner-Occupied Properties in Ohio’s Cuyahoga County: Evidence from Mortgages Originated in 2005–2006

June 2010 - Community Development Papers

Minnesota Home Ownership Center case study illuminates costs of foreclosure counseling

April 2010 - Community Dividend

Gaining a Better Understanding of the Costs of Homeownership Programs: A Case Study and Recommendations for Minnesota's Home Ownership Center

March 2010 - Community Development Papers

A Method for Improving the Benchmarks Used to Monitor ACH Returns

March 2010 - Financial Policy Working Papers

Fed survey shows widespread increases in net worth preceded the current financial crisis

July 2009 - Community Dividend

Homeownership gaps among Indian reservations prove puzzling

May 2009 - Community Dividend

Accounting for Regional Migration Patterns and Homeownership Disparities in the Hmong-American Refugee Community, 1980-2000

October 2008 - Community Development Papers

Credit risk data may help target foreclosure mitigation

September 2007 - fedgazette

If most Americans already save enough, what should financial educators teach?

July 2007 - Community Dividend

Targeting Foreclosure Interventions: An Analysis of Neighborhood Characteristics Associated with High Foreclosure Rates in Two Minnesota Counties

June 2007 - Community Development Papers

Workshop promotes Native youth financial education

March 2007 - Community Dividend

Disaster Zone

December 2006 - The Region

Lessons learned from a financial education pilot for Native youth

May 2006 - Community Dividend

Ninth District Jump$tart update

May 2006 - Community Dividend

Post-purchase counseling: An EMHI strategy to close homeownership gaps

November 2005 - Community Dividend

A Case for Post-Purchase Support Programs as Part of Minnesota's Emerging Markets Homeownership Initiative

October 2005 - Community Development Papers

Homeownership gap calls for broad, balanced response

May 2005 - Community Dividend

A better day in the neighborhood: The rise and decline of poverty concentration in the Twin Cities, 1970-2000

November 2003 - Community Dividend

Community Affairs Officer's note - Issue 2, 2003

November 2003 - Community Dividend

Community Affairs Officer's note - Issue 1, 2003

August 2003 - Community Dividend

Financial Literacy Education: A Potential Tool for Reducing Predatory Lending?

December 2002 - The Region

Financial literacy education: A potential tool for reducing predatory lending?

November 2002 - Community Dividend

Thoughts on the Fed’s Role in the Payments System

Winter 2001 - Quarterly Review

The Code Book

June 2001 - The Region

Thoughts on the Fed's Role in the Payments System

January 2000 - Annual Reports

Functions Complementary to the Core

April 2001 - The Region

Interbank Settlement and the Emergence of Central Banks

April 2001 - The Region

Thoughts on the Fed's Role in the Payments System

April 2001 - The Region

The Role of Damage-Contingent Contracts in Allocating the Risks of Natural Catastrophes

April 1998 - Working Paper 586

Time to Plan and Aggregate Fluctuations

Winter 1996 - Quarterly Review

SPDAs and GICs: Like Money in the Bank?

Summer 1992 - Quarterly Review

Real Effects of Monetary Policy in a World Economy

April 1992 - Staff Report 154
Published In: Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (Vol. 19, No. 1-2, January-February 1995, pp. 125-153)

Algorithms for Explaining Forecast Revisions

May 1990 - Working Paper 459

Vector Autoregression Evidence on Monetarism: Another Look at the Robustness Debate

Spring 1990 - Quarterly Review

Periodic Linear-Quadratic Methods for Modeling Seasonality

November 1989 - Staff Report 127
Published In: Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control (Vol 14, No. 3-4, July - Oct 1990, pp. 763-795)

Implementing Bayesian Vector Autoregressions

Revised September 1988 - Working Paper 384

Forecasting and Modeling the U.S. Economy in 1986-88

Winter 1987 - Quarterly Review

Taking Stock of the Farm Credit System: Riskier for Farm Borrowers

Fall 1985 - Quarterly Review

Improving Economic Forecasting With Bayesian Vector Autoregression

Fall 1984 - Quarterly Review
Published In: Modelling economic series: Readings in econometric methodology (1990, pp. 214-234)
Technical Appendix (PDF)

More Growth Ahead for Ninth District States

Fall 1984 - Quarterly Review

Should Currency Be Priced Like Cars?

Spring 1984 - Quarterly Review

Expanded Federal Crop Insurance: A Better Way for Taxpayers to Share Farmers' Risks

Winter 1982 - Quarterly Review

As the Nation's Economy Goes, So Goes Minnesota's

Spring-Summer 1982 - Quarterly Review

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