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Robert E. Lucas, Jr.


Liquidity Crises

June 2011 - The Region
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Liquidity Crises

May 2011 - Economic Policy Papers
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The Industrial Revolution: Past and Future

May 2004 - The Region

The Industrial Revolution: Past and Future

January 2003 - Annual Reports

A Million Mutinies: The key to economic development

December 2001 - The Region

Interest Rates and Inflation

January 2001 - Working Paper 609
Published In: American Economic Review (Vol. 91, No. 2, May 2001, pp. 219-225)

After Keynesian Macroeconomics

Spring 1979 - Quarterly Review
Published In: A macroeconomics reader (1997, pp. 270-294)
Published In: The rational expectations revolution: Readings from the front line (1994, pp. 5-30)
Published In: Current readings on money, banking, and financial markets (1987, pp. 252-267)

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