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Jason Schmidt

Financial Economist

Quantifying the Costs of Additional Regulation on Community Banks

May 2013 - Economic Policy Papers
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Post-Crisis Use of Financial Market Data in Bank Supervision

October 2012 - The Region

Lotsa de novos? Follow the money

January 2005 - fedgazette

A bank by any other name

November 2004 - fedgazette

Banking trends in a county near you

November 2004 - fedgazette

In banking, less can equal more

November 2004 - fedgazette
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Banking Regulation: The Focus Returns to the Consumer

June 2004 - The Region

Ninth District banking conditions from the examiners' viewpoint

September 2002 - fedgazette

Interpreting Market Data Signals

September 2001 - The Region

Market Data Sources in More Detail

September 2001 - The Region

Using Market Data for a Variety of Institutions

September 2001 - The Region

Using Market Data in the Supervisory Process

September 2001 - The Region

Increased use of uninsured deposits

March 2001 - fedgazette

Financial modernization, the FHLB and agricultural banks

October 2000 - fedgazette

Interest rate risk: What is it, why banks would want it, and how to evaluate it

July 2000 - fedgazette

Is financial modernization anything new?

April 2000 - fedgazette

Ninth District economy enters the new year in good shape

January 2000 - fedgazette

Noninterest income in the Ninth District

January 2000 - fedgazette

Noninterest income: A potential for profits, risk reduction and some exaggerated claims

October 1999 - fedgazette

District economy will continue to grow, but some slowing creeps in

July 1999 - fedgazette

Why all concerns about subprime lending are not created equal

July 1999 - fedgazette

Tracking small business lending in the Ninth District: What the new CRA data allows

April 1999 - fedgazette

Some bumps along the way, but outlook still good for coming year

January 1999 - fedgazette
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What are CAMELS and who should know?

January 1999 - fedgazette

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