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Michael Grover

Assistant Vice President, Community Development

Returning to the mortgage market post-default: The neighborhood effect

January 2014 - Community Dividend

Less affluent students face mounting college debt challenges

July 2012 - Community Dividend

Creating better choices for the underbanked: A conversation with Jennifer Tescher of the Center for Financial Services Innovation

January 2012 - Community Dividend

Delinquencies and foreclosures in rural areas: A snapshot of the recent performance of mortgages in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

July 2011 - Community Dividend

Recent demographic data reveal effects of economic slowdown in Indian Country

July 2011 - Community Dividend

On the front lines of the housing crisis: A conversation with Julie Gugin of the Minnesota Home Ownership Center

April 2011 - Community Dividend

Survey takes stock of state financial education requirements

October 2010 - Community Dividend

Land banks as a neighborhood recovery strategy: A conversation with Dan Kildee of Michigan's Genesee County Land Bank

May 2009 - Community Dividend

Directo a Mexico helps customers join the financial system

November 2008 - Community Dividend

Accounting for Regional Migration Patterns and Homeownership Disparities in the Hmong-American Refugee Community, 1980-2000

October 2008 - Community Development Papers

New data analysis helps identify future foreclosure trouble spots

May 2008 - Community Dividend

Credit risk data may help target foreclosure mitigation

September 2007 - fedgazette

Community land trusts strive for permanent housing affordability

July 2007 - Community Dividend

Targeting Foreclosure Interventions: An Analysis of Neighborhood Characteristics Associated with High Foreclosure Rates in Two Minnesota Counties

June 2007 - Community Development Papers

2005 revisions define new CRA-eligible geographic areas

March 2007 - Community Dividend

Fed-led research reveals need for better Twin Cities foreclosure data

September 2006 - Community Dividend

Can HMDA data herald neighborhood changes?

March 2006 - Community Dividend

Post-purchase counseling: An EMHI strategy to close homeownership gaps

November 2005 - Community Dividend

A Case for Post-Purchase Support Programs as Part of Minnesota's Emerging Markets Homeownership Initiative

October 2005 - Community Development Papers

CDFIs at a crossroads: A conversation with Mark Pinsky of National Community Capital Association

September 2005 - Community Dividend

Housing data show gains, not parity, for some groups

May 2005 - Community Dividend

Demographic trends reveal mixed portrait of Ninth District reservations

November 2003 - Community Dividend


Narayana Kocherlakota