Minnesota applied Micro Workshop

May 1-2, 2009
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

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Friday, May 1, 2009     River Room
Moderator Tom Holmes, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and University of Minnesota

Markups and Firm-Level Export Status” [Slides]

Speaker: Jan De Loecker (Princeton) and
Fredric Warzynski (Aarhus Business School)

Discussant: Timothy Kehoe (Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and University of Minnesota) [Slides]

2:00—2:15 Break

Does Foreign Competition Spur Productivity? Evidence from Post WWII U. S. Cement Manufacturing” [Slides]

Speaker: Tim Dunne (University of Oklahoma and Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland),
Shawn Klimek (US Census Bureau), and
James Schmitz
(Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis)

Discussant: Chad Syverson (University of Chicago GSB) [Slides]

3:15—3:30 Break

Market size, Competition, and the Product Mix of Exporter” [Slides]

Speaker: Marc Melitz (Princeton)
and Gianmarco Ottaviano (University of Bologna)
Thierry Mayer (Paris School of Economics)

Discussant: Stephen Redding (Yale) [Slides]

4:30—4:45 Break

Trade Induced Technical Change: The Impact of Chinese Imports on IT and Innovation" [Slides]

Speaker: Nick Bloom (Stanford), Mirko Draca and
John Van Reenen (London School of Economics)

Discussant: Allan Collard-Wexler (NYU) [Slides]

7:00 Dinner at Sapor (invitation only)

Saturday, May 2, 2009
   River Room


Minjung Park, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and University of Minnesota

Continental Breakfast


Railroads and the Raj: Estimating the Economic Impact of Transportation Infrastructure

Speaker: Dave Donaldson [Slides]
(London School of Economics)

Discussant: Sam Kortum (University of Chicago) [Slides]

10:00—10:15 Break

The Impact of Plant-level Resource Reallocations
and Technical Progress on U.S. Macroeconomic
” [Slides]

Speaker: Amil Petrin (Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and University of Minnesota) and
T. Kirk White (U.S. Department of Agriculture)
Jerome P. Reiter (Duke University)

Discussant: John Fernald [Slides]
(Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco)

11:15—11:30 Break

A Search and Learning Model of Export Dynamics

Speaker: Jonathan Eaton (NYU), [Slides]
Marcela Eslava (Universidad de Los Andes),
C. J. Krizan
(U. S. Census Bureau),
Maurice Kugler (Harvard), and
James Tybout (Penn State University)

Discussant: Costas Arkolakis (Yale) [Slides]

12:30—1:15 Lunch
1:15—2:15 The Quality-Complementarity Hypothesis: Theory and Evidence from Columbia

Speaker: Maurice Kugler (Harvard) and
Eric Verhoogen (Columbia) [Slides]

Discussant: Michael Waugh [Slides]
(Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and NYU)


2:30—3:30 Do Falling Iceberg Costs Account for Recent US Export Growth?” [Slides]

Speaker: George Alessandria
(Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia), and
Horag Choi (University of Auckland)

Discussant: Kim Ruhl (NYU) [Slides]
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