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Joint-Search Theory: New Opportunities and New Frictions

Giovanni L. Violante, Fatih Guvenen, Bulent Guler
May 2009 - Staff Report

Homeownership gaps among Indian reservations prove puzzling

An analysis of some persistent gaps in homeownership rates among American Indian reservations in the Ninth Federal Reserve District.
Richard M. Todd, Federico Burlon
May 2009 - Community Dividend

A Theory of Outsourcing and Wage Decline

Thomas J. Holmes, Julia Thornton Snider
March 2009 - Working Paper

Mother and Child Reunion?

An intriguing look into why widows increasingly live alone
Douglas Clement
December 2008 - The Region

The Labor of a Renaissance Man

From Ríos’ extensive agenda, a promising glimpse at failure
December 2008 - The Region

Directo a Mexico helps customers join the financial system

The Directo a Mexico remittance service could have two major benefits: helping financial institutions in the U.S. compete more effectively in the money-transfer market, and increasing the number of Me
Michael Grover, Jimmy Nguyen
November 2008 - Community Dividend

Accounting for Regional Migration Patterns and Homeownership Disparities in the Hmong-American Refugee Community, 1980-2000

An analysis of Hmong homeownership rates in the U.S. over the previous two decades, with a focus on examining gaps in rates among the geographic areas where Hmong refugees are concentrated.
Richard M. Todd, Michael Grover
October 2008 - Community Development Papers

Changes in the Distribution of Family Hours Worked Since 1950

Ellen R. McGrattan, Richard Rogerson
April 2008 - Staff Report

Taxation, Aggregates and the Household

Gustavo Ventura, Nezih Guner, Remzi Kaygusuz
April 2008 - Working Paper

Lifetime Aggregate Labor Supply with Endogenous Workweek Length

Edward C. Prescott, Richard Rogerson, Johanna Wallenius
November 2007 - Staff Report

U.S. Census bureau releases Native population figures

November 2007 - Community Dividend

Targeting Foreclosure Interventions: An Analysis of Neighborhood Characteristics Associated with High Foreclosure Rates in Two Minnesota Counties

An analysis of neighborhood characteristics associated with high foreclosure rates in Hennepin and Ramsey counties, the two core counties in Minnesota's Twin Cities metropolitan area.
Richard M. Todd, Laura Smith, Michael Grover
June 2007 - Community Development Papers

HUD releases national report on homelessness

May 2007 - Community Dividend

University launches new Twin Cities mapping tool

March 2007 - Community Dividend

Nature or Nurture? Learning and Female Labor Force Dynamics

Alessandra Fogli, Laura Veldkamp
February 2007 - Staff Report

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