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Tax Buyouts

Fabrizio Perri, Marco Del Negro, Fabiano Schivardi
March 2010 - Staff Report

Minnesota's Earned Income Credit Program: Utilization by Current and Former Welfare Households and the Impact of Policy Parameters

An analysis of utilization of the State of Minnesota's earned income credit (the Working Family Credit) among current and former welfare recipients.
Donald P. Hirasuna, Thomas F. Stinson
December 2009 - Community Development Papers

Taxation of Human Capital and Wage Inequality: A Cross-Country Analysis

Fatih Guvenen, Burhanettin Kuruscu, Serdar Ozkan
November 2009 - Staff Report

Risk Sharing, Inequality, and Fertility

Larry E. Jones, Ali Shourideh, Roozbeh Hosseini
September 2009 - Working Paper

Who Do You Trust with Your Money?

Two books take a hard look at Federal Reserve independence.
David Fettig
September 2009 - The Region

Public-Private Partnerships: For Whom the Road Tolls?

PPPS are popping up worldwide, and increasingly in the United States. Are they a way forward for crumbling infrastructure?
Ronald A. Wirtz
June 2009 - The Region

Business Start-Ups and Productive Efficiency

Hakki Yazici
September 2008 - Working Paper

Accounting for Private Information

Pricila Maziero, Laurence Ales
June 2008 - Working Paper

Taxation, Aggregates and the Household

Gustavo Ventura, Nezih Guner, Remzi Kaygusuz
April 2008 - Working Paper

Putting a Price on Carbon

To address global warming, most economists favor a focus on prices, not quantities.
Phil Davies
December 2007 - The Region

On the Needed Quantity of Government Debt

Edward C. Prescott, Kathryn Birkeland
November 2007 - Quarterly Review

On Public Policy and Economic Education

Top of the Ninth
Gary H. Stern
September 2007 - The Region

Stepping Beyond the Rice Fields

The Economics of Immigration--Winning Essay
Jordan Wong
September 2007 - The Region

On the Optimal Choice of a Monetary Policy Instrument

Patrick J. Kehoe, V. V. Chari, Andrew Atkeson
August 2007 - Staff Report

Disaster Zone

Why conventional insurance alone isn't the best way to cope with the next catastrophe.
Richard M. Todd, Phil Davies
December 2006 - The Region

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