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How the U.S. Treasury Should Auction Its Debt

V. V. Chari, Robert J. Weber
September 1992 - Quarterly Review

Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy: Some Recent Results

Patrick J. Kehoe, V. V. Chari, Lawrence J. Christiano
November 1991 - Staff Report

A Reconsideration of the Problem of Social Cost: Free Riders and Monopolists

V. V. Chari, Larry E. Jones
July 1991 - Staff Report

Playing by the Rules: A Proposal for Federal Budget Reform

A synopsis of the Minneapolis Fed's 1990 Annual Report.
V. V. Chari, Preston J. Miller
June 1991 - The Region

Tax Analysis in a Real Business Cycle Model: On Measuring Harberger Triangles and Okun Gaps

Gregory W. Huffman, Jeremy Greenwood
March 1991 - Staff Report

Gramm-Rudman-Hollings' Hold on Budget Policy: Losing Its Grip?

Preston J. Miller
December 1989 - Quarterly Review

How Should Taxes Be Set?

S. Rao Aiyagari
December 1989 - Quarterly Review

Sustainable Plans and Debt

Patrick J. Kehoe, V. V. Chari
November 1989 - Staff Report

Sustainable Plans and Mutual Default

Patrick J. Kehoe, V. V. Chari
October 1989 - Staff Report

There's no such thing as a good recession

fedgazette Editorial
Arthur J. Rolnick
September 1989 - fedgazette

Sustainable Plans

Patrick J. Kehoe, V. V. Chari
June 1989 - Staff Report

How Little We Know About Budget Policy Effects

Preston J. Miller, William Roberds
April 1989 - Staff Report

On the Denomination of Government Debt: A Critique of the Portfolio Balance Approach

Patrick J. Kehoe, David K. Backus
November 1988 - Staff Report

Time Consistency and Policy

Edward C. Prescott, Patrick J. Kehoe, V. V. Chari
August 1988 - Staff Report

The Federal Budget's Effects on Intergenerational Equity: Undone or Not Undone?

Gary H. Stern
December 1987 - Quarterly Review

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