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Control of Entity Prior to Consummation

Applications Filing Tips - November 2012
November 2012 - Banking in the Ninth

Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC) Periodic Statements

Consumer Affairs Update - November 2012
November 2012 - Banking in the Ninth

Junior Lien Refinancing

Safety and Soundness Update - November 2012
November 2012 - Banking in the Ninth

The Merits of Documentation: From the Viewpoint of the Supervisee

Ninth District Highlights - November 2012
Ron J. Feldman
November 2012 - Banking in the Ninth

Post-Crisis Use of Financial Market Data in Bank Supervision

2011 Annual Report Essay
Ron J. Feldman, Jason Schmidt
October 2012 - The Region

Business Correspondent model boosts financial inclusion in India

An innovative, technology-based banking model is giving people in remote areas of India access to formal financial institutions.
Anupam Kishore
October 2012 - Community Dividend

Call for papers: The eighth biennial Federal Reserve community development research conference

July 2012 - Community Dividend

Mini-banks provide hands-on education in personal finance

School-based, student-oriented banking operations teach kids the fundamentals of saving.
Jacob Wascalus
April 2012 - Community Dividend

Fed Community Development offices launch community survey initiatives

A new Reserve Bank-led initiative is designed to gather front-line information on economic conditions in low- to moderate-income communities.
Ela Rausch
January 2012 - Community Dividend

Minneapolis Fed launches Ninth District Community Insight report series

January 2012 - Community Dividend

Bank On gets its game on

Bank On, a customizable program for helping unbanked individuals join the financial mainstream, is catching on in communities across the country.
May Xiong
October 2011 - Community Dividend

Recent rule changes expand definition of community development under the CRA

New modifications to the CRA rules are designed to encourage financial institutions to help stabilize foreclosure-ravaged communities.
Paula Woessner
July 2011 - Community Dividend

Agriculture strong in fourth quarter 2010; land values and farm incomes grew

Fourth Quarter 2010 Agricultural Credit Conditions Survey
Joe Mahon
January 2011 - Agricultural Credit Conditions Survey

Interview with Gary Gorton

Yale University finance economist on the growth and collapse of shadow banking.
Douglas Clement
December 2010 - The Region

Damage Control? Analyzing Policies to Repair Credit Markets

V. V. Chari, Ali Shourideh, Ariel Zetlin-Jones
October 2010 - Economic Policy Papers

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