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Economic development in Indian Country: Lessons learned by The Lakota Fund

By sharing 10 lessons learned from its lending activities, The Lakota Fund hopes to benefit all community developers.
Margaret Tyndall
November 2000 - Community Dividend

Indian business group receives $1 million grant

November 2000 - Community Dividend

A conversation with ... Elise Hoben and Bob Poznanski of Rural LISC

Community Dividend discusses rural community development corporations with Elise Hoben and Bob Poznanski, two noted experts from Rural Local Initiatives Support Corporation.
August 2000 - Community Dividend

Rural CDCs: Building the capacity for success

In many American rural areas, crucial community development services are provided by community development corporations, or CDCs.
Margaret Tyndall
August 2000 - Community Dividend

How do Minorities Fund Start-up Businesses?

Two minority neighborhoods in Chicago are surveyed to determine the source for start-up financing of businesses.
Robert Townsend, Paul Huck, Sherrie L.W. Rhine, Philip Bond
September 1999 - The Region

Microenterprise awards are announced

Two Ninth District organizations recently received awards for their outstanding work in the field of microenterprise development.
Stephanie Omersa
July 1999 - Community Dividend

E-commerce: For some businesses, the only way to go

Toby Madden
April 1999 - fedgazette

Tracking small business lending in the Ninth District: What the new CRA data allows

New data provides insights into small business lending in the Ninth District
Ron J. Feldman, Jason Schmidt
April 1999 - fedgazette

Model code addresses economic development in Indian Country

A model commercial code for Indian tribes is designed to encourage the business and lending communities to invest in Indian Country and foster economic development.
Maylinn E. Smith
July 1998 - Community Dividend

U.S. banks offered historic opportunity in Indian Country

To serve the emerging Indian-owned private enterprise market, bankers should understand the structure of the economies of tribal communities and the size of the potential market.
Patrick Borunda
July 1998 - Community Dividend

Why no one mourns the loss of the family chicken farm

A short history of poultry in the Ninth District
Edward Lotterman
April 1998 - fedgazette

Spotlight on success: The Anoka County partnership

The Anoka County Economic Development Partnership has allowed many groups and individuals to join forces and help launch and nurture businesses.
July 1997 - Community Dividend

Credit scoring and small business loans

Credit scoring is the process of assigning a single quantitative measure, or score, to a potential borrower that reflects the borrower's relative chance of going into delinquency or default.
Ron J. Feldman
April 1997 - Community Dividend

Lending to small firms and small farms

A snapshot of data on the distribution of business loans to farms and firms by the size of the loan.
Ron J. Feldman
April 1997 - Community Dividend

Taconite keeps Minnesota's Iron Range working

Kathy Cobb
October 1996 - fedgazette

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