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How do Minorities Fund Start-up Businesses?

Two minority neighborhoods in Chicago are surveyed to determine the source for start-up financing of businesses.
Robert Townsend, Paul Huck, Sherrie L.W. Rhine, Philip Bond
September 1999 - The Region

Microenterprise awards are announced

Two Ninth District organizations recently received awards for their outstanding work in the field of microenterprise development.
Stephanie Omersa
July 1999 - Community Dividend

E-commerce: For some businesses, the only way to go

Toby Madden
April 1999 - fedgazette

Tracking small business lending in the Ninth District: What the new CRA data allows

New data provides insights into small business lending in the Ninth District
Ron J. Feldman, Jason Schmidt
April 1999 - fedgazette

Model code addresses economic development in Indian Country

A model commercial code for Indian tribes is designed to encourage the business and lending communities to invest in Indian Country and foster economic development.
Maylinn E. Smith
July 1998 - Community Dividend

U.S. banks offered historic opportunity in Indian Country

To serve the emerging Indian-owned private enterprise market, bankers should understand the structure of the economies of tribal communities and the size of the potential market.
Patrick Borunda
July 1998 - Community Dividend

Why no one mourns the loss of the family chicken farm

A short history of poultry in the Ninth District
Edward Lotterman
April 1998 - fedgazette

Spotlight on success: The Anoka County partnership

The Anoka County Economic Development Partnership has allowed many groups and individuals to join forces and help launch and nurture businesses.
July 1997 - Community Dividend

Credit scoring and small business loans

Credit scoring is the process of assigning a single quantitative measure, or score, to a potential borrower that reflects the borrower's relative chance of going into delinquency or default.
Ron J. Feldman
April 1997 - Community Dividend

Lending to small firms and small farms

A snapshot of data on the distribution of business loans to farms and firms by the size of the loan.
Ron J. Feldman
April 1997 - Community Dividend

Taconite keeps Minnesota's Iron Range working

Kathy Cobb
October 1996 - fedgazette

A Simplified Example of Small Business Loan Securitization

September 1995 - The Region

Proposed OCC “Agreement Table”

The OCC's Credit Assessment of a Bank's Loans Broken Down by How the Bank Assessed the Same Loans
Ron J. Feldman
September 1995 - The Region

Will the Securitization Revolution Spread?

While securitization has dramatically altered the way many lenders do business, small business lending has barely changed
Ron J. Feldman
September 1995 - The Region

Community development: an entrepreneurial approach

Robert Tosterud
July 1995 - fedgazette

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