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Looks like another slow year

Toby Madden
January 2010 - fedgazette

CRF to launch green loan program for small businesses

November 2009 - Community Dividend

Overcoming start-up barriers: Native-owned food business serves up lessons learned

The founders of Native American Natural Foods demonstrate that the goal of starting up a well-positioned business on an Indian reservation is attainable, provided certain elements are in place.
Sandy Gerber
November 2009 - Community Dividend

Patch job: repairing the unemployment safety net

State unemployment insurance funds are facing big challenges that could have long-term consequences for employers and workers
Mike Meyers
November 2009 - fedgazette

The L3C: A new business model for socially responsible investing

The low-profit limited liability company, or L3C, is a newly developed form of business that blends attributes of nonprofit and for-profit organizations in order to promote investment in so
Sue Woodrow, Steve Davis
November 2009 - Community Dividend

What grows in the Ninth, stays in the Ninth

Community supported agriculture flourishes in the district
Joe Mahon, Kathy Cobb
September 2009 - fedgazette

A nice place to visit, but ...

Tourism can spark economic growth, but public funding of the industry is questionable
Phil Davies
May 2009 - fedgazette

Lessons learned from 22 years of debt mediation

The 22-year history of the Minnesota Farmer-Lender Mediation Program offers useful lessons about debt mediation that can be applied to our current foreclosure crisis.
Joyce Hoelting
May 2009 - Community Dividend

Tingerthal joins Consumer Advisory Council

May 2009 - Community Dividend

Where have all the tourists gone?

Leisure travel has been hit hard in many parts of the district. Tourism businesses and promoters have been forced to adapt.
Phil Davies
May 2009 - fedgazette

All signs point to a down 2009

Business Outlook Poll Results
Toby Madden
January 2009 - fedgazette

Earning income, serving the community: Guidance for building a social enterprise

A description of the important steps nonprofit organizations should follow when creating enterprises to boost their earned income.
Kate Barr
January 2009 - Community Dividend

Has your company’s access to credit deteriorated over the past three months?

District Map
January 2009 - fedgazette

Oglala Sioux and State of South Dakota sign historic lien-filing agreement

A newly signed UCC lien-filing agreement between the Oglala Sioux Tribe and the State of South Dakota is designed to facilitate business and consumer lending on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.
Sue Woodrow, Dani Daugherty
November 2008 - Community Dividend

The second garage

Robust growth in self-storage space has slowed, but the district outlook calls for further expansion
Joe Mahon
November 2008 - fedgazette

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