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Explaining the shortage of affordable housing

Community Dividend explores why affordable housing shortages persist in so many communities.
Stephanie Omersa
October 1998 - Community Dividend

Labor lessons learned in straw bale projects

Straw bale projects provide training and construction experience to local, unskilled workers interested in the construction trades.
October 1998 - Community Dividend

Partnerships are the key to obtaining financing for building projects

Straw bale construction projects in Minnesota and Montana obtained financing through partnerships with local banks and other community organizations.
October 1998 - Community Dividend

Straw bale construction provides affordable, efficient housing

Housing developers are experimenting with a variety of alternative building methods, including straw bale construction
Nicole Bennett, Stephanie Omersa
October 1998 - Community Dividend

Federal Reserve Governor Meyer visits Ninth District Indian reservations

An interview with Federal Reserve Governor Laurence H. Meyer, who visited two Minnesota Indian reservations in May 1998.
David Fettig, Margaret Tyndall
July 1998 - Community Dividend

Follow up on HUD 184 program article

An update on the HUD 184 residential mortgage loan program for Indian Country.
July 1998 - Community Dividend

Model code addresses economic development in Indian Country

A model commercial code for Indian tribes is designed to encourage the business and lending communities to invest in Indian Country and foster economic development.
Maylinn E. Smith
July 1998 - Community Dividend

Tribal sovereign immunity: An obstacle for non-Indians doing business in Indian Country?

What is sovereign immunity, and what does it mean in the tribal context?
Sue Woodrow
July 1998 - Community Dividend

U.S. banks offered historic opportunity in Indian Country

To serve the emerging Indian-owned private enterprise market, bankers should understand the structure of the economies of tribal communities and the size of the potential market.
Patrick Borunda
July 1998 - Community Dividend

We, the First Americans shows statistics regarding indigenous U.S. citizens

Census statistics offer a picture of how economic life for American Indians on reservations compares with that of the rest of the U.S. population.
July 1998 - Community Dividend

HUD 184 loan program helps Native Americans achieve homeownership

The HUD 184 loan program is designed to mitigate many factors that inhibit mortgage lending on American Indian reservations.
Deanna Lucero
April 1998 - Community Dividend

Implementing NAHASDA: How the rule was written

Doug Dewalt, a tribal representative serving on NAHASDA's Negotiated Rulemaking Committee, discusses his experience relating to the enactment of the historic Indian housing act.
Thomas Moore
April 1998 - Community Dividend

Roles and responsibilities for processing the HUD 184 Indian Home Loan Guarantee Program

Details about who does what in the HUD 184 loan program.
April 1998 - Community Dividend

The role of banking debt in community development

An excerpt from a speech Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis President Gary H. Stern delivered at the 1997 Nation Building Conference in Missoula, Mont.
Gary H. Stern
April 1998 - Community Dividend

Assistant Secretary Retsinas' speech highlights housing conference

Community Dividend presents excerpts from a speech that Nicholas Retsinas, HUD Assistant Secretary for Housing-Federal Housing Commissioner, delivered to a South Dakota housing conference.
Nicholas Retsinas
December 1997 - Community Dividend

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