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Gaining a Better Understanding of the Costs of Homeownership Programs: A Case Study and Recommendations for Minnesota's Home Ownership Center

An analysis of program costs for the Minnesota Home Ownership Center's three primary services: homeownership classes, pre-purchase home buyer counseling, and foreclosure counseling.
Richard M. Todd, Leo T. Gabriel
March 2010 - Community Development Papers

Campus of dreams: Bill it, and they will come?

The cost of higher education has risen steadily for decades, but so have the benefits. Is the value proposition being challenged by increasing debt loads and a severe recession?
Ronald A. Wirtz
November 2009 - fedgazette

College finance 101: A history lesson

The evolution of a high-tuition, high-aid model
Ronald A. Wirtz
November 2009 - fedgazette

Gender and financial literacy: A conversation with Annamaria Lusardi of Dartmouth College

Community Dividend speaks with Dr. Annamaria Lusardi of Dartmouth College to learn about the gender gap in financial literacy and discuss how financial educators can reach women more effectiv
Ericca Maas
November 2009 - Community Dividend

True or false: College is expensive

November 2009 - fedgazette

OMG! Like, where are all the teen workers?

Teens have been quietly, and increasingly, leaving the labor force
Ronald A. Wirtz
September 2009 - fedgazette

Financial literacy especially low among Native youth, survey finds

May 2009 - Community Dividend

Minneapolis Fed offers class supplements for economics educators

May 2009 - Community Dividend

Newly released guides explain the financial crisis

May 2009 - Community Dividend

Fed releases report on concentrated poverty

January 2009 - Community Dividend

High schoolers' financial literacy remains low, survey finds

September 2008 - Community Dividend

Laying the Foundation

Researchers look for better ways to quantify the benefits of investment in early childhood development.
Kathy Cobb
June 2008 - The Region

Markets Meet Humans: Three Books

Book Reviews: Predictably Irrational, The Logic of Life and The Mind of the Market
David Fettig
June 2008 - The Region

Mad About Money schools kids on personal finance

A traveling theatrical show for children makes the concepts of saving and spending educational and entertaining.
Emily Sachs
May 2008 - Community Dividend

Old-fashioned Tech Transfer

Licensing isn’t the only way for industry to tap into university knowledge.
Phil Davies
May 2008 - fedgazette

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