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President Bush creates financial literacy advisory council

May 2008 - Community Dividend

The Few, The Risky

Should universities invest resources in creating startups to exploit licensed technology?
Phil Davies
May 2008 - fedgazette

University Tech Transfer: Have I Got A Business Idea For You

District universities strive to license technology to industry, but their efforts may not yield the desired results.
Phil Davies
May 2008 - fedgazette

Getting bigger, more sensitive, maybe smarter

Wisconsin State Roundups
March 2008 - fedgazette

Creating a win-win way to provide free tax help: Bethel University and AccountAbility Minnesota share lessons learned

In a mutually beneficial partnership between Bethel University and AccountAbility Minnesota, accounting students provide free tax preparation assistance to low- and moderate-income workers.
Leo T. Gabriel
January 2008 - Community Dividend

Expanding the success of the Earned Income Tax Credit

A patchwork of initiatives is raising awareness of the Earned Income Tax Credit, which is the leading federal program for boosting the incomes of the working poor.
Emily Sachs
January 2008 - Community Dividend

Menominee poster contest promotes free tax prep

Since 2005, Menominee Indian High School has sponsored a poster contest to promote the use of Volunteer Income Tax Assistance sites.
Emily Sachs
January 2008 - Community Dividend

Not making the grade

Teacher pay in the western part of the Ninth Federal Reserve District isn't competitive with other states.
Joe Mahon
January 2008 - fedgazette

Enriching Children, Enriching the Nation: Public Investment in High-Quality Prekindergarten

Book Review
Rob Grunewald, Bjorn Markeson
December 2007 - The Region

Bitterroot Valley loan program turns teachers into homeowners

An innovative lending program helps make homeownership a reality for schoolteachers in Montana's Bitterroot Valley.
Sue Woodrow
November 2007 - Community Dividend

Fed brochure offers credit-boosting tips

November 2007 - Community Dividend

Getting kids kindergarten-ready: A profile of the Minnesota Early Learning Foundation

The Minnesota Early Learning Foundation is supporting and evaluating a series of initiatives to uncover the most well-integrated, cost-effective system for preparing Minnesota's at-risk children for k
Ericca Maas
November 2007 - Community Dividend

You can't eat the blackboard

Montana State Roundup
November 2007 - fedgazette

NMU: Students piling in, tuition piling up

Michigan State Roundup
September 2007 - fedgazette

On Public Policy and Economic Education

Top of the Ninth
Gary H. Stern
September 2007 - The Region

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