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Locating Federal Reserve Districts and Headquarters Cities

What determined district boundaries and Fed headquarters cities in 1914? A review of the writings of Henry Parker Willis gives us an idea.
David Hammes
September 2001 - The Region

Specialization and the Skill Premium in the 20th Century

Matthew F. Mitchell
July 2001 - Staff Report

Catching up with Lawrence Lindsey

Once a Fed governor considering monetary policy, now head of the president’s National Economic Council pondering fiscal policy.
David Fettig
June 2001 - The Region

Competition at Work: Railroads vs. Monopoly in the U.S. Shipping Industry

James A. Schmitz, Jr., Thomas J. Holmes
April 2001 - Quarterly Review

Why Did Productivity Fall So Much During the Great Depression?

Lee E. Ohanian
March 2001 - Staff Report

Great Depressions of the 20th Century Conference Economist Attendees

December 2000 - The Region

“Something Unanticipated Happened”

Telling some “neo” stories about the Great Depressions of the 1930s
David Fettig
December 2000 - The Region

Costly Banknote Issuance and Interest Rates Under the National Banking System

Warren E. Weber, Antoine Martin, Cyril Monnet
May 2000 - Working Paper

The Suffolk Bank and the Panic of 1837

Arthur J. Rolnick, Warren E. Weber, Bruce D. Smith
April 2000 - Quarterly Review

The Beauty (Pageant?) of Economics

The Nobel Prize in Economics A report on how the winner of the Nobel Prize in economics is determined, with thoughts from past Nobel Prize winners.
Ronald A. Wirtz
September 1999 - The Region

Unemployment today in Europe and Japan: Lessons from the U.S. Great Depression

Seventy years after the start of the Great Depression, economists are still arguing about its cause and duration; recent research by two Minneapolis Fed economists offers new insight into that era and
V. V. Chari
July 1999 - fedgazette

The Greedy Hand: How Taxes Drive Americans Crazy and What To Do About It

Book Review
Thomas E. Gainor
June 1999 - The Region

The Role and Value of Market Forces

Top of the Ninth
Gary H. Stern
June 1999 - The Region

The Commanding Heights: The Battle Between Government and the Marketplace that is Remaking the Modern World

Book Review
David Levy
March 1999 - The Region

Life in the Ancient Near East

Book Review
David Levy
September 1998 - The Region

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