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U.S. Economy in 1990 and 1991: Continued Expansion Likely

A model used by researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis predicts that strong consumption growth will sustain the expansion in both 1990 and 1991 and that inflation will remain under con
David Fettig
February 1990 - The Region

Down with the comparable worth bureaucracy

fedgazette Editorial
Preston J. Miller
December 1989 - fedgazette

Banking Without Deposit Insurance or Bank Panics: Lessons From a Model of the U.S. National Banking System

V. V. Chari
July 1989 - Quarterly Review

Born of a Panic: Forming the Fed System

August 1988 - The Region

External Economic and Political Environment

August 1988 - The Region

Legislation, Legislative Proposals and Court Decisions

August 1988 - The Region

The Relationship Between Money and Prices: Some Historical Evidence Reconsidered

Bruce D. Smith
July 1988 - Quarterly Review

Explaining the Demand for Free Bank Notes

Arthur J. Rolnick, Warren E. Weber
April 1988 - Quarterly Review

The Benefits of Bank Deposit Rate Ceilings: New Evidence on Bank Rates and Risk in the 1920s

Arthur J. Rolnick
July 1987 - Quarterly Review

Seasonalities in Security Returns: The Case of Earnings Announcements

V. V. Chari, Aharon R. Ofer, Ravi Jagannathan
April 1987 - Staff Report

Gresham's Law or Gresham's Fallacy?

Arthur J. Rolnick, Warren E. Weber
December 1986 - Quarterly Review

A Visible Hand: The Fed's Involvement in the Check Payments System

Clarence W. Nelson, James N. Duprey
April 1986 - Quarterly Review

Banking Instability and Regulation in the U.S. Free Banking Era

Arthur J. Rolnick, Warren E. Weber
July 1985 - Quarterly Review

Money and Inflation in Colonial Massachusetts

Bruce D. Smith
December 1984 - Quarterly Review

Some of the Choices for Monetary Policy

Neil Wallace
December 1984 - Quarterly Review

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President's Speech: Clarifying the Objectives of Monetary Policy