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Has the increase in foreclosures in the subprime mortgage sector had any effect on your business, or had a noticeable effect on local housing conditions? How so?

District Voices
May 2007 - fedgazette

Montana foreclosure prevention campaign wins double honors

March 2007 - Community Dividend

Fed-led research reveals need for better Twin Cities foreclosure data

An analysis led by researchers at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis reveals that the availability and usefulness of foreclosure data are often inadequate, at least in the Twin Cities region.
Michael Grover
September 2006 - Community Dividend

Foreclosure prevention is Minnesota group's mission

The Minnesota Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Association is a statewide network of individuals and member organizations that dedicate their time to a serious mission: helping people avoid home mortga
Sandy Gerber
November 2005 - Community Dividend

Post-purchase counseling: An EMHI strategy to close homeownership gaps

Minnesota appears to be well-positioned to pursue the goal of using post-purchase support programs to reduce the incidence of mortgage foreclosures.
Richard M. Todd, Michael Grover
November 2005 - Community Dividend

NCLC warns of foreclosure "rescue" scams

September 2005 - Community Dividend

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