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The Role of Large Banks in the Recent U.S. Banking Crisis

John H. Boyd, Mark Gertler
December 1994 - Quarterly Review

Are banks dead? Or, are the reports greatly exaggerated?

This article is a synopsis of a paper prepared by John H. Boyd, senior research officer at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, and Mark Gertler, professor at New York University.
September 1994 - The Region

Are Banks Dead? Or Are the Reports Greatly Exaggerated?

John H. Boyd, Mark Gertler
July 1994 - Quarterly Review

Macroeconomics With Frictions

S. Rao Aiyagari
July 1994 - Quarterly Review

Ex-Dividend Price Behavior of Common Stocks

John H. Boyd, Ravi Jagannathan
June 1994 - Staff Report

Assessing Specification Errors in Stochastic Discount Factor Models

Lars Peter Hansen, Ravi Jagannathan
March 1994 - Staff Report

Explaining Financial Market Facts: The Importance of Incomplete Markets and Transaction Costs

S. Rao Aiyagari
December 1993 - Quarterly Review

The CAPM Is Alive and Well

Ravi Jagannathan, Zhenyu Wang
November 1993 - Staff Report

Interview with Anna J. Schwartz

Noted economist Anna J. Schwartz shares her thoughts on money, banking and Trollope.
David Fettig
September 1993 - The Region

On the Relation Between the Expected Value and the Volatility of the Nominal Excess Return on Stocks

David E. Runkle, Lawrence R. Glosten, Ravi Jagannathan
August 1993 - Staff Report

A Contingent Claim Approach to Performance Evaluation

Lawrence R. Glosten, Ravi Jagannathan
July 1993 - Staff Report

Guaranteeing Disaster

Moral hazard in the insurance industry.
Martha L. Starr
March 1993 - The Region

The road to a unified currency: Two views

fedgazette Editorial
October 1992 - fedgazette

SPDAs and GICs: Like Money in the Bank?

Neil Wallace, Richard M. Todd
July 1992 - Quarterly Review

The Dichotomy Becomes Reality: Ten Years of the Federal Reserve as Regulator and Competitor

Excerpt from the Minneapolis Fed's 1991 Annual Report
David Fettig, Leonard W. Fernelius
June 1992 - The Region

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