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Working with finite resources, Twin Cities rental housing inspectors reward good, target bad

Despite tight budgets and swelling workloads, inspection departments in Minneapolis and St. Paul are exploring proactive approaches to ensure a safe and sound supply of rental housing.
Jacob Wascalus
October 2014 - Community Dividend

Community Land Trusts in Minnesota: A Mixed-Methods Analysis of How They Fared During the Great Recession

An exploration of how the housing boom and bust of the past decade affected community land trusts in Minnesota.
Harshada Karnik
August 2014 - Community Development Papers

Helping small businesses survive big construction: Strategies from the Green Line LRT project

When major construction tore up a busy Twin Cities thoroughfare, a public-private partnership mobilized to help small businesses weather the disruptions.
Jacob Wascalus
July 2014 - Community Dividend

Maximizing the tribal land buy-back program: How priority lists can help tribes influence what's purchased

By identifying desirable parcels for development, American Indian tribes can make the most of a federal program that's putting reservation land back in tribal hands.
Jacob Wascalus
July 2014 - Community Dividend

State incentive fund helps ease North Dakota's affordable housing shortage

The North Dakota Housing Incentive Fund, a tax-incentive program to fund housing for essential workers and low- to moderate-income people, is a hit with contributors and developers alike.
Paula Woessner
July 2014 - Community Dividend

CDFIs emerge as key partners in improving community health

Community development financial institutions often play a critical role in financing the infrastructure that makes good health possible.
Ela Rausch
April 2014 - Community Dividend

CDFI Fund announces $17 million in Bank Enterprise Awards

January 2014 - Community Dividend

Making surety bonds a surer thing for Native contractors

Recent changes to a federal bond-guarantee program could help construction firms in Indian Country and elsewhere do business.
Andrew Twite, Ahna Minge
January 2014 - Community Dividend

Forecast models and surveys point to steady growth in 2013

District Economic Outlook
Rob Grunewald, Joe Mahon
January 2013 - fedgazette

Three Affiliated Tribes to build oil refinery

January 2013 - Community Dividend

Ninth District community developers use green innovations to help make housing affordable

For affordable housing developers, the goal of "going green" is not only to provide permanent shelter and community stabilization at a lower cost, but to provide low-income families with long-term red
Deborah Booth Summers
October 2010 - Community Dividend

Tax credits for first-time castles

The home buyer's tax credit has given the housing market a boost. But what happens when the credit ends?
Ronald A. Wirtz
April 2010 - fedgazette

Family Housing Fund launches Twin Cities Community Land Bank

April 2010 - Community Dividend

CRE: The cracked glass slipper?

CRE exposure and delinquencies are on the rise for Ninth District banks, but the full fallout is difficult to gauge
Ronald A. Wirtz
January 2010 - fedgazette

Collateral damage

While real estate still struggles through the housing collapse, commercial mortgages are piling on more pain
Ronald A. Wirtz
January 2010 - fedgazette

CRF to launch green loan program for small businesses

November 2009 - Community Dividend

Quiet summer at the lake

Demand has cooled for vacation homes in the district
Joe Mahon
November 2009 - fedgazette

Revisiting the place-based CDC model: A conversation with Brian Miller of Seward Redesign

Community Dividend speaks with Brian Miller, executive director of Seward Redesign in Minneapolis, to learn how neighborhood-based community development corporations are coping in these uncer
Michou Kokodoko
July 2009 - Community Dividend

First Homes broadens homeownership opportunities in Rochester

Through its community land trust program and comprehensive plan for downtown revitalization, a local nonprofit organization works to provide affordable homes for low- and moderate-income families in t
Deborah Booth Summers
November 2008 - Community Dividend

North Dakota increases home repair grants

November 2007 - Community Dividend

Builders see green

Ninth District joins a growing trend in green construction.
Kathy Cobb
July 2007 - fedgazette

Depreciating castles

Minnesota State Roundup
July 2007 - fedgazette

Hammers still swinging

South Dakota State Roundup
January 2007 - fedgazette

Mortgage agreements expand homeownership opportunities on tribal lands

Thanks to several dedicated housing partners, American Indians on trust land are entering a new era in which they can obtain traditional mortgages to build or purchase their own homes.
Mary Lou Affleck
September 2005 - Community Dividend

Will tax breaks spark power plants?

South Dakota State Roundup
March 2005 - fedgazette

The prices for most construction materials have seen significant increases this season. How have higher materials costs affected your business and your area's building market in general?

District Voices
September 2004 - fedgazette

2003 construction contracts flat

Benjamin Knelman, Smith Wilkinson
September 2003 - fedgazette

Great Falls NHS ranks first

August 2002 - Community Dividend

Heavy construction slips in 2001

Rob Grunewald
March 2002 - fedgazette

What is your business outlook for the spring and summer building season?

District Voices
March 2002 - fedgazette

District economy slowed in 2001; expected to remain sluggish in 2002

2002 Ninth District Economic Outlook
Toby Madden, Rob Grunewald
January 2002 - fedgazette

District residential construction holding its own

Donna M. Scheck
January 2002 - fedgazette

Beige Book reflects weakened economic conditions in district

November 2001 - fedgazette

District activity echoes slow national growth

District Economic Review
Toby Madden, Rob Grunewald
July 2001 - fedgazette

Ninth District Commercial Construction Roundup

Rob Grunewald
May 2001 - fedgazette

Pitching for the minor leagues

With a bevy of quasi-professional and college teams and a perceived dearth of entertainment options, smaller cities are experiencing "the stadium issue" firsthand
Ronald A. Wirtz
March 2001 - fedgazette

Shall we gather?

Many smaller cities are eager to invest in convention centers on behalf of local economic development. Whether they should "depends on how you do the accounting."
Ronald A. Wirtz
March 2001 - fedgazette

Stadiums and convention centers as community loss leaders

Ronald A. Wirtz
March 2001 - fedgazette

Slower demand, increased supply drive down lumber prices

January 2001 - fedgazette

Five Minnesota communities receive housing grants

November 2000 - Community Dividend

Montana high school students build affordable housing

November 2000 - Community Dividend

Churchs Ferry receives flood grant

August 2000 - Community Dividend

The district economy continues to sail along

Mid-Year Ninth District Economic Forecast
Toby Madden, Rob Grunewald
July 2000 - fedgazette

Building boom is slowing

January 2000 - fedgazette

Inspections coming to a rural home near you

Wisconsin State Roundup
January 2000 - fedgazette

Mixed-use development: Through the lenders' looking glass

Mixed-use developments were the norm in American towns and cities in the early part of this century. Now they are making a comeback, raising issues for lenders.
Nicole Bennett
December 1998 - Community Dividend

The future of mixed-use development: A developer shares his views

Community Dividend speaks with Edina, Minn.-based developer Larry Laukka about his perspective on the state of mixed-use development in the Twin Cities.
Thomas Moore
December 1998 - Community Dividend

What does "mixed-use development" mean?

The term "mixed-use development" holds a variety of meanings and can be applied to a wide range of community development projects.
December 1998 - Community Dividend

Explaining the shortage of affordable housing

Community Dividend explores why affordable housing shortages persist in so many communities.
Stephanie Omersa
October 1998 - Community Dividend

Labor lessons learned in straw bale projects

Straw bale projects provide training and construction experience to local, unskilled workers interested in the construction trades.
October 1998 - Community Dividend

Partnerships are the key to obtaining financing for building projects

Straw bale construction projects in Minnesota and Montana obtained financing through partnerships with local banks and other community organizations.
October 1998 - Community Dividend

Straw bale construction provides affordable, efficient housing

Housing developers are experimenting with a variety of alternative building methods, including straw bale construction
Nicole Bennett, Stephanie Omersa
October 1998 - Community Dividend

How much does she know about construction? About $10 million worth

David Fettig
July 1991 - fedgazette

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