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Implementing NAHASDA: How the rule was written

Doug Dewalt, a tribal representative serving on NAHASDA's Negotiated Rulemaking Committee, discusses his experience relating to the enactment of the historic Indian housing act.
Thomas Moore
April 1998 - Community Dividend

Relative Median Existing Home Price Index, Third Quarter 1997

United States Map
April 1998 - fedgazette

Roles and responsibilities for processing the HUD 184 Indian Home Loan Guarantee Program

Details about who does what in the HUD 184 loan program.
April 1998 - Community Dividend

Assistant Secretary Retsinas' speech highlights housing conference

Community Dividend presents excerpts from a speech that Nicholas Retsinas, HUD Assistant Secretary for Housing-Federal Housing Commissioner, delivered to a South Dakota housing conference.
Nicholas Retsinas
December 1997 - Community Dividend

Flood insurance helps manage risk of financial loss

Answers to questions about the National Flood Insurance Reform Act of 1994's technical requirements.
Lisa DeClark
December 1997 - Community Dividend

Small town addresses big housing shortage

A Deadwood, S.D., housing organization works to satisfy the increasing need for affordable housing for local residents and commuting workers.
December 1997 - Community Dividend

When neighborhood housing programs succeed, everyone benefits

Top of the Ninth Column
Gary H. Stern
June 1997 - The Region

Changes in Indian Country

A summary of the Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act of 1996.
Jacqueline Kruszek
April 1997 - Community Dividend

Uncertainty in Federal Intervention

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the housing subsidy trail
Ron J. Feldman
September 1996 - The Region

How the New CRA Will Affect Mortgage Lending

Top of the Ninth
Gary H. Stern
December 1995 - The Region

Demographics shape housing market

David S. Dahl
October 1994 - fedgazette

Flux in military base operations disrupts housing markets

Kathy Cobb
October 1994 - fedgazette

Special housing needs call for special measures

Kathy Cobb
October 1994 - fedgazette

When a town's economy surges, housing feels the ripple

Kathy Cobb
October 1994 - fedgazette

Montana's housing crisis: what is and isn't working

fedgazette Editorial
Nancy Stephenson
July 1993 - fedgazette

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