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Who's receiving mortgage loans in the Twin Cities?

Data collected under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act reveal who is accessing mortgage loans in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.
Stephanie Omersa, Mike Wold
March 1999 - Community Dividend

Explaining the shortage of affordable housing

Community Dividend explores why affordable housing shortages persist in so many communities.
Stephanie Omersa
October 1998 - Community Dividend

Follow up on HUD 184 program article

An update on the HUD 184 residential mortgage loan program for Indian Country.
July 1998 - Community Dividend

HUD 184 loan program helps Native Americans achieve homeownership

The HUD 184 loan program is designed to mitigate many factors that inhibit mortgage lending on American Indian reservations.
Deanna Lucero
April 1998 - Community Dividend

Implementing NAHASDA: How the rule was written

Doug Dewalt, a tribal representative serving on NAHASDA's Negotiated Rulemaking Committee, discusses his experience relating to the enactment of the historic Indian housing act.
Thomas Moore
April 1998 - Community Dividend

Relative Median Existing Home Price Index, Third Quarter 1997

United States Map
April 1998 - fedgazette

Roles and responsibilities for processing the HUD 184 Indian Home Loan Guarantee Program

Details about who does what in the HUD 184 loan program.
April 1998 - Community Dividend

Assistant Secretary Retsinas' speech highlights housing conference

Community Dividend presents excerpts from a speech that Nicholas Retsinas, HUD Assistant Secretary for Housing-Federal Housing Commissioner, delivered to a South Dakota housing conference.
Nicholas Retsinas
December 1997 - Community Dividend

Flood insurance helps manage risk of financial loss

Answers to questions about the National Flood Insurance Reform Act of 1994's technical requirements.
Lisa DeClark
December 1997 - Community Dividend

Small town addresses big housing shortage

A Deadwood, S.D., housing organization works to satisfy the increasing need for affordable housing for local residents and commuting workers.
December 1997 - Community Dividend

When neighborhood housing programs succeed, everyone benefits

Top of the Ninth Column
Gary H. Stern
June 1997 - The Region

Changes in Indian Country

A summary of the Native American Housing Assistance and Self-Determination Act of 1996.
Jacqueline Kruszek
April 1997 - Community Dividend

Uncertainty in Federal Intervention

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the housing subsidy trail
Ron J. Feldman
September 1996 - The Region

How the New CRA Will Affect Mortgage Lending

Top of the Ninth
Gary H. Stern
December 1995 - The Region

Demographics shape housing market

David S. Dahl
October 1994 - fedgazette

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