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Rolling the ICE dice

Immigrant workers play a key role in district labor markets, and employers and workers alike walk a legal tightrope.
Kathy Cobb
November 2007 - fedgazette

Stepping Beyond the Rice Fields

The Economics of Immigration--Winning Essay
Jordan Wong
September 2007 - The Region

Microenterprise development in the U.S.: Past, present and future

To learn more about the history of microenterprise development organizations in the U.S. and the challenges these organizations face, Community Dividend spoke with Elaine Edgcomb, director of the Aspe
Michou Kokodoko
May 2007 - Community Dividend

Bills target undocumented workers

Montana State Roundup
March 2007 - fedgazette

African American enterprises on the rise in Minnesota

Minnesota's African American entrepreneurs are likely to face a host of challenges that threaten to block their path to success. Fortunately, a network of organizations is ready to support African Am
Michou Kokodoko
November 2006 - Community Dividend

Huddling more massively

Poverty snapshot in the Ninth District: Immigrants vs. Native born.
Joe Mahon
November 2006 - fedgazette

Report reveals refugee resettlement trends

November 2006 - Community Dividend

Minnesota Hispanic chamber receives homebuyer counseling contract

July 2006 - Community Dividend

Entrance exam

The number of international college students has dipped since 9/11, and universities face more than visa challenges in turning that around.
Katherine Nesse
May 2006 - fedgazette

New St. Paul housing program announced

November 2005 - Community Dividend

Twin Cities refugee groups tackle community development

Refugee groups in Minnesota are expanding their mutual assistance efforts to include community development activities.
Bo Thao
September 2005 - Community Dividend

Homeownership initiative targets Minnesota's emerging markets

The State of Minnesota Emerging Markets Homeownership Initiative is charged with developing a business plan for dramatically reducing the state's homeownership gap by 2010.
Jacqueline King
May 2005 - Community Dividend

A good investment or money down the drain?

Immigrants have become a lightning rod for the resentment of native-born taxpayers who disapprove of extra spending on social services
Phil Davies
September 2004 - fedgazette

A rainbow coalition

Immigration is changing the face of the Ninth District, though still slowly in many parts.
Phil Davies
September 2004 - fedgazette

Bring us your tired, huddled masses (we’ve got job openings)

Employers strapped for labor have turned to immigrants to fill jobs spurned by many natives.
Phil Davies
September 2004 - fedgazette

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