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The Affordable Housing Shortage: Considering the Problem, Causes and Solutions

The author's data analysis concludes that a shortage of income is largely behind the housing affordability problem.
Ron J. Feldman
September 2002 - The Region

Lower poverty rates noted in the district

Meriem Chida
January 2002 - fedgazette

Observations on Public Policy: The Case of Homelessness

Guest Editorial: Minneapolis Fed Vice President and Advisor Preston Miller reflects on homelessness and offers some important considerations and relevant facts about this significant issue.
Preston J. Miller
September 2001 - The Region

Ninth District states—by the numbers

Rob Grunewald
March 2001 - fedgazette

Putting a Finger on the Grand (Income) Canyon

Critics are hitting the “income disparity” button hard, but many commonly perceived sources and silver-bullet solutions fall short.
Ronald A. Wirtz
December 2000 - The Region

The facts about the Twin Cities

Is the Twin Cities metropolitan area exceptional? A new publication from the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis address that question and others.
Cindy Porter
March 1999 - Community Dividend

A new idea for welfare reform

Michael P. Keane
April 1995 - fedgazette

On the growing disparity between the rich and the poor

fedgazette Editorial
Arthur J. Rolnick
July 1994 - fedgazette

Suspending Disbelief: Low Incomes Do Not Mean High Defaults

Top of the Ninth
Gary H. Stern
June 1994 - The Region

Suspending disbelief: Low incomes do not mean high defaults

fedgazette Editorial
Gary H. Stern
January 1994 - fedgazette

Montana's housing crisis: what is and isn't working

fedgazette Editorial
Nancy Stephenson
July 1993 - fedgazette

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