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Optimal Regulation in the Presence of Reputation Concerns

Andrew Atkeson, Guillermo L. Ordonez, Christian Hellwig
October 2014 - Staff Report

Analyzing the Labor Market Outcomes of Occupational Licensing

Morris Kleiner, Mark A. Klee, Maury Gittleman
October 2014 - Staff Report

An Assignment Model of Knowledge Diffusion and Income Inequality

Erzo G.J. Luttmer
September 2014 - Working Paper

North Dakota oil boomtown has nation's highest rent

April 2014 - Community Dividend

The Market for OTC Derivatives

Andrew Atkeson, Andrea L. Eisfeldt, Pierre-Olivier Weill
April 2013 - Staff Report

The Stolper-Samuelson Effects of a Decline in Aggregate Consumption

Erzo G.J. Luttmer
February 2013 - Working Paper

What Ever Happened to the Puerto Rican Sugar Manufacturing Industry?

James A. Schmitz, Jr., Arilton Teixeira, Benjamin Bridgman, Michael Maio
December 2012 - Staff Report

North Dakota oil boom squeezes seniors who rent

The surging energy industry in the Bakken oil patch may be making life harder for some area residents, particularly the elderly.
Jacob Wascalus
October 2012 - Community Dividend

Do Newspapers Matter? Short-Run and Long-Run Evidence from the Closure of The Cincinnati Post

Sam Schulhofer-Wohl, Miguel Garrido
September 2012 - Staff Report

Eventually, Noise and Imitation Implies Balanced Growth

Erzo G.J. Luttmer
August 2012 - Working Paper

New and Larger Costs of Monopoly and Tariffs

James A. Schmitz, Jr.
July 2012 - Staff Report

Do Newspapers Matter? Short-Run and Long-Run Evidence from the Closure of The Cincinnati Post

Sam Schulhofer-Wohl, Miguel Garrido
April 2011 - Working Paper

Interview with Robert Hall

Stanford University economist on labor market dynamics, financial frictions, monetary policy and dating a recession
Douglas Clement
June 2010 - The Region

The Bitter Effect of Cartels

In a case study of the U.S. sugar industry, James Schmitz and co-authors demonstrate that cartels can lead to big reductions in productivity
Joe Mahon
June 2010 - The Region

An Alternative Theory of the Plant Size Distribution with an Application to Trade

Thomas J. Holmes, John J. Stevens
April 2010 - Staff Report

Innovation, Firm Dynamics, and International Trade

Andrew Atkeson, Ariel Burstein
April 2010 - Staff Report

Models of Growth and Firm Heterogeneity

Erzo G.J. Luttmer
April 2010 - Working Paper

Technology Diffusion and Growth

Erzo G.J. Luttmer
March 2010 - Working Paper

On the Mechanics of Firm Growth

Erzo G.J. Luttmer
March 2010 - Staff Report

Competition and Productivity: A Review of Evidence

James A. Schmitz, Jr., Thomas J. Holmes
February 2010 - Staff Report

The Economic Performance of Cartels: Evidence from the New Deal U.S. Sugar Manufacturing Cartel, 1934–74

James A. Schmitz, Jr., Shi Qi, Benjamin Bridgman
November 2009 - Staff Report

Superstores or Mom and Pops? Technology Adoption and Productivity Differences in Retail Trade

David P. Lagakos
June 2009 - Staff Report

A Theory of Outsourcing and Wage Decline

Thomas J. Holmes, Julia Thornton Snider
March 2009 - Working Paper

Monopoly and the Incentive to Innovate When Adoption Involves Switchover Disruptions

James A. Schmitz, Jr., Thomas J. Holmes, David K. Levine
December 2008 - Staff Report

Does Regulation Reduce Productivity? Evidence From Regulation of the U.S. Beet-Sugar Manufacturing Industry During the Sugar Acts, 1934-74

James A. Schmitz, Jr., Shi Qi, Benjamin Bridgman
April 2007 - Staff Report

Disaster Zone

Why conventional insurance alone isn't the best way to cope with the next catastrophe.
Richard M. Todd, Phil Davies
December 2006 - The Region

Establishment Size Dynamics in the Aggregate Economy

Esteban Rossi-Hansberg, Mark L. J. Wright
November 2006 - Staff Report

Synthetic Worlds: The Business and Culture of Online Games

Book Review
Toby Madden
June 2006 - The Region

Modeling and Measuring Organization Capital

Patrick J. Kehoe, Andrew Atkeson
February 2005 - Staff Report

What Determines Productivity? Lessons From the Dramatic Recovery of the U.S. and Canadian Iron Ore Industries Following Their Early 1980s Crisis

James A. Schmitz, Jr.
February 2005 - Staff Report

IER Lawrence Klein Lecture: The Case Against Intellectual Monopoly

Michele Boldrin, David K. Levine
June 2004 - Staff Report

Privatization’s Impact on Private Productivity: The Case of Brazilian Iron Ore

James A. Schmitz, Jr., Arilton Teixeira
June 2004 - Staff Report

Dissecting Trade: Firms, Industries, and Export Destinations

Samuel Kortum, Francis Kramarz, Jonathan Eaton
February 2004 - Staff Report

From dead spot to data hot spot

Wireless broadband has promising opportunities in, and for, rural areas of the district
Frank Jossi
January 2004 - fedgazette

A Theory of Factor Allocation and Plant Size

Thomas J. Holmes, Matthew F. Mitchell
October 2003 - Staff Report

Competitive Pressure and Labor Productivity: World Iron Ore Markets in the 1980s

James A. Schmitz, Jr., Jose E. Galdon-Sanchez
April 2003 - Quarterly Review

Innovating Firms and Aggregate Innovation

Samuel Kortum, Tor Jakob Klette
February 2002 - Staff Report

Railroad Redux

When he challenged historical orthodoxy nearly 40 years ago, the Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert W. Fogel changed the way we look at railroads' impact on the U.S. economy; now, two Minneapolis Fe
David Fettig
December 2001 - The Region

Thoughts on the Fed’s Role in the Payments System

Edward J. Green, Richard M. Todd
December 2001 - Quarterly Review

Chasing the Tail of High-Tech

The impact of high-tech industries, seen as the mainstay of the new economy, proves difficult to gauge.
Ronald A. Wirtz
September 2001 - The Region

Specialization and the Skill Premium in the 20th Century

Matthew F. Mitchell
July 2001 - Staff Report

Competition at Work: Railroads vs. Monopoly in the U.S. Shipping Industry

James A. Schmitz, Jr., Thomas J. Holmes
April 2001 - Quarterly Review

Knowledge Diffusion through Employee Mobility

April Franco, Darren Filson
July 2000 - Staff Report

Rewarding Sequential Innovators: Prizes, Patents and Buyouts

Gerard Llobet, Hugo Hopenhayn, Matthew F. Mitchell
July 2000 - Staff Report

Threats to Industry Survival and Labor Productivity: World Iron-Ore Markets in the 1980's

James A. Schmitz, Jr., Jose E. Galdon-Sanchez
June 2000 - Staff Report

The Scale of Production in Technological Revolutions

Matthew F. Mitchell
April 2000 - Staff Report

Do Mergers Lead to Monopoly in the Long Run? Results From the Dominant Firm Model

Thomas J. Holmes, Gautam Gowrisankaran
March 2000 - Staff Report

The Great Depression in the United States From A Neoclassical Perspective

Lee E. Ohanian, Harold L. Cole
December 1999 - Quarterly Review

Bar Codes Lead to Frequent Deliveries and Superstores

Thomas J. Holmes
May 1999 - Staff Report

Government Production of Investment Goods and Aggregate Labor Productivity

James A. Schmitz, Jr.
October 1997 - Staff Report

Pattern Bargaining

Antonio Merlo, Robert Marshall
November 1996 - Staff Report

Step-by-Step Migration to Efficient Agglomerations

Thomas J. Holmes
November 1996 - Staff Report

How Industries Migrate When Agglomeration Economies Are Important

Thomas J. Holmes
October 1996 - Staff Report

The Effect of State Policies on the Location of Industry: Evidence from State Borders

Thomas J. Holmes
September 1996 - Staff Report

Tobin's q and Asset Returns: Implications for Business Cycle Analysis

Lawrence J. Christiano, Jonas D. M. Fisher
November 1995 - Staff Report

Analyzing a Proposal to Ban State Tax Breaks to Businesses

Thomas J. Holmes
April 1995 - Quarterly Review

Localization of Industry and Vertical Disintegration

Thomas J. Holmes
April 1995 - Staff Report

Capacity Precommitment as a Barrier to Entry: A Bertrand-Edgeworth Approach

Beth Allen, Dan Kovenock, Raymond Deneckere, Tom Faith
February 1995 - Staff Report

International Real Business Cycles

Patrick J. Kehoe, David K. Backus, Finn E. Kydland
November 1991 - Staff Report

Contracts, Constraints, and Consumption

Edward J. Green, Soo Nam Oh
August 1991 - Staff Report

Why Is Automobile Insurance in Philadelphia So Damn Expensive?

Eric Smith, Randall Wright
April 1991 - Staff Report

A Note on Labor Contracts With Private Information and Household Production

Ed Nosal, Randall Wright, Richard Rogerson
January 1991 - Staff Report

Homework in Macroeconomics: Household Production and Aggregate Fluctuations

Jess Benhabib, Randall Wright, Richard Rogerson
January 1991 - Staff Report

Indivisibilities, Lotteries, and Sunspot Equilibria

Karl Shell, Randall Wright
January 1991 - Staff Report

The Permanent Income Hypothesis Revisited

Lawrence J. Christiano, David A. Marshall, Martin Eichenbaum
January 1990 - Staff Report

The Firm and the Plant in General Equilibrium Theory

Edward C. Prescott, Andreas Hornstein
November 1989 - Staff Report

A Contribution to the Pure Theory of Money

Nobuhiro Kiyotaki, Randall Wright
August 1989 - Staff Report

Sustainable Plans

Patrick J. Kehoe, V. V. Chari
June 1989 - Staff Report

Time Consistency and Optimal Policy Design

V. V. Chari
September 1988 - Quarterly Review

Modeling the Impact of an Energy Price Shock on Interregional Income Transfer

Clarence W. Nelson
July 1988 - Quarterly Review

Why Is Consumption Less Volatile Than Income?

Lawrence J. Christiano
September 1987 - Quarterly Review

Is Consumption Insufficiently Sensitive to Innovations in Income

Lawrence J. Christiano
January 1987 - Staff Report

Should Currency Be Priced Like Cars?

Richard M. Todd, Thomas M. Supel
April 1984 - Quarterly Review

Rational Expectations and the Reconstruction of Macroeconomics

Thomas J. Sargent
July 1980 - Quarterly Review

After Keynesian Macroeconomics

Robert E. Lucas, Jr., Thomas J. Sargent
April 1979 - Quarterly Review

Inflation: An Extreme View

John H. Kareken
December 1978 - Quarterly Review

Looking for Evidence of Noncompetitive Behavior in Minnesota's Banking Industry

Arthur J. Rolnick, David S. Dahl, Stanley L. Graham
September 1977 - Quarterly Review

Bank Regulation: Strengthening Friedman's Case for Reform

Arthur J. Rolnick
July 1977 - Quarterly Review

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