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What Determines Productivity? Lessons From the Dramatic Recovery of the U.S. and Canadian Iron Ore Industries Following Their Early 1980s Crisis

James A. Schmitz, Jr.
February 2005 - Staff Report

IER Lawrence Klein Lecture: The Case Against Intellectual Monopoly

Michele Boldrin, David K. Levine
June 2004 - Staff Report

Privatization’s Impact on Private Productivity: The Case of Brazilian Iron Ore

James A. Schmitz, Jr., Arilton Teixeira
June 2004 - Staff Report

Dissecting Trade: Firms, Industries, and Export Destinations

Samuel Kortum, Francis Kramarz, Jonathan Eaton
February 2004 - Staff Report

From dead spot to data hot spot

Wireless broadband has promising opportunities in, and for, rural areas of the district
Frank Jossi
January 2004 - fedgazette

A Theory of Factor Allocation and Plant Size

Thomas J. Holmes, Matthew F. Mitchell
October 2003 - Staff Report

Competitive Pressure and Labor Productivity: World Iron Ore Markets in the 1980s

James A. Schmitz, Jr., Jose E. Galdon-Sanchez
April 2003 - Quarterly Review

Innovating Firms and Aggregate Innovation

Samuel Kortum, Tor Jakob Klette
February 2002 - Staff Report

Railroad Redux

When he challenged historical orthodoxy nearly 40 years ago, the Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert W. Fogel changed the way we look at railroads' impact on the U.S. economy; now, two Minneapolis Fe
David Fettig
December 2001 - The Region

Thoughts on the Fed’s Role in the Payments System

Edward J. Green, Richard M. Todd
December 2001 - Quarterly Review

Chasing the Tail of High-Tech

The impact of high-tech industries, seen as the mainstay of the new economy, proves difficult to gauge.
Ronald A. Wirtz
September 2001 - The Region

Specialization and the Skill Premium in the 20th Century

Matthew F. Mitchell
July 2001 - Staff Report

Competition at Work: Railroads vs. Monopoly in the U.S. Shipping Industry

James A. Schmitz, Jr., Thomas J. Holmes
April 2001 - Quarterly Review

Knowledge Diffusion through Employee Mobility

April Franco, Darren Filson
July 2000 - Staff Report

Rewarding Sequential Innovators: Prizes, Patents and Buyouts

Gerard Llobet, Hugo Hopenhayn, Matthew F. Mitchell
July 2000 - Staff Report

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